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How And Why I Pushed Her Away [How To Avoid Losing Your Girlfriend]

Growing up, girls would occasionally show interest in me, but I was really shy and awkward. When I tried to talk to them, I would embarrass myself. But most of the time I just chickened out.   But, I would always fail with girls.   Looking back, I realize I was brainwashed into thinking that…

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Easy to Learn, Easy to Apply

To get elite results and to get them fast you need a non-linear system: Pace is that system, and it is surprisingly easy to apply.   It’s easy to learn and internalize deceptive behaviors. But Pace can be easily applied to your life because you’re already doing it. The problem is that you’re also doing…

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Keeping Yourself Honest

You can change how you think.   The mind is infinitely creative, but also extremely habituating. This blinds the mind from its own creativity and flexibility. In plain language: you have the power to change. But once you get set in your ways, you forget this power. Your thought habits actually change your brain, by…

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Surrender is what you want her to do. It’s what she wants to do. Instead of spending time on learning lines, routines and tricks, become a man women want to surrender to. True control must first be given. Why would she give you control? Why do YOU give control? What makes you trust a coach,…

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The Fastest Way To Improve Your Self Esteem

I’ve struggled with social anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues my whole life, up until my mid 20s. I fixed it (wasn’t easy but worth the effort) and became a dating coach for men (7 years ago). That’s how drastic the transformation was. What I’m going to say here was a HUGE KEY to that change.…

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Friendship 3


Men treat women as enemies, opponents to be conquered, defeated, used. Sex is victory. Rejection, defeat. He wants her body, in spite of her mind. He tries to sneak inside of her. He tricks her, lies to her, pressures her, abandons her. Guilt trips, empty promises, sly maneuvers. He pretends to be a different man.…

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See Her

Do You See Her?

Do you See Her? Do you go out to meet “women” “bitches” “hoes” or get “pussy”? I go out to Look for Her. When I find Her, I See Her. I don’t think about the concept of “women.” In fact, there’s very little thinking going. I’m listening, watching, smelling, feeling. I drink Her in. I…

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Lead7 recap with Ian

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Social Success for Introverts: SUBTRACTION

The misconception about self-improvement is that it’s about acquiring skills and new ideas. That’s task improvement, or skill improvement. If you want to learn how to fix cars, sure, you need to learn new things. “With women, my direction has been to become unhidden, to reduce the layers of my personality intended to hide my…

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25 Ways To Disrespect a Woman

Deny and ridicule her sexuality. Ignore her sexuality and treat her like a child. Give her 2 options: Madonna, or whore. Tell her that her desires are bad. Put her on a pedestal and supplicate to her, so she feels alienated and objectified. Make rules for what she can do with her body. Insult everyone’s…

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