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–Merge inner-outer game

(Positive feedback loops). ** 10 – I was doing weird shit – tapping, tapes, affirmations, then I’d try to recite lines, undermining my desired beliefs and being good enough There is talk in pickup and seduction about merging inner and outer game. And the fact of the matter is there’s no real distinction. There’s no…

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With the right mindset, you can succeed professionally and sexually.

Balancing Sex with Career

Your purpose is to be you all the way. Whatever your goals in life, they are expressions of who you want to be…Who you really, potentially, are. A common obstacle to balancing sex with career, as you strive to become the man you want to be. Your goals – the things you want to do…

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Setting Relationship Expectations With A New Woman

Have you ever heard a woman say she “likes a man who knows what he wants?” This term relates to her wanting a man with a strong intention, but also a man who has clear relationship expectations. In other words, he knows what he wants. Demonstrating a strong intention is often confused with having confidence – not just…

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–Elite, Permanent, Fun

(I:PA*CE eliminates anxiety + promotes the zone) Eliminates anxiety – you have more fun and don’t have a panic attack. ** 9 -asking girl to prom, holloween store, chicago streets I:PA*CE eliminates anxiety. I:PA*CE leads to positive interactions. You have fun with people. Think about times when you were talking with your best friend. You…

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–Don’t Identify, Explore

Women are an opportunity for you to have new experiences and to experience courage. They’re also a way to help you habitualize a helping mindset. The goal is to learn about a woman rather than trying to figure women out. That’s why I say awareness is all about exploring rather than identifying specific unifying themes…

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–Seeking: Approval

Most guys engage in approval seeking. They don’t really know what they stand for. They’re asking the woman what they should stand for. They’re trying to figure out what she wants and that’s weak. Instead, know what you want, and see if she’s aligned with that.   I’ll say to women I meet, “I just…

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–Infinite variation and contextual adaptation

Is undetectable – infinite variation and contextual adaptation. ** 8 DONT HAVE TO HIDE WHAT YOU ARE LEARNING = 10 , “glass ceiling” It’s undetectable. A lot of times, when guys read lines or routines or seduction stuff (the pickup artist stuff). A big concern is that maybe this woman has heard this before. Some…

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I think of growth in terms of subtraction. Getting rid of layers. Getting rid of extra thoughts and extra stuff in your life. So growth kind of gives you the idea that you’re moving up and out and forward. But at the same time, you also want to think about subtracting stuff that doesn’t need…

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–Who To Trust?

A very common thing you will hear from women is that they’ve been hurt by someone in the past. What you want to do in this situation is flip it. Who cares whether you trust me – the question is, do I trust you?   So, I’ll say, “Yeah, well, trust isn’t earned overnight. I’ve…

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–Beat the System

(I:PA*CE promotes awareness, encourages authentic expression) ( I was missing opps, girls would laugh then look at me like wtf, or eye code their friends, then get bored while I was chatting away. SHE WANTS TO INS! Stealing girls from Mystery Method guys in SD, SF, and London. Girls saying “stop trying so hard, don’t…

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