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–Be Your Own Man

We’re talking about purpose and what purpose really means and how you want to align or streamline the man you want to be and fit women into that so it’s all aligned. For a lot of guys, they have their job, they have their hobbies, they have their friends and then there’s girls. And the…

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–How To Understand A Woman

Actively listening makes you so attractive to a women. As she talks, she invests in you. You become bigger in her mind. More trustworthy. She has to justify all this effort she’s making by telling herself this guy is great. This is a cool guy. He is confident, and he is interested in me. All…

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–What Does Sex Really Mean?

(How I:PA*CE helps you understand female sexuality) Makes you good in bed. *** 10, if expanded/juiced a little more – Need a story I:PA*CE can help you determine a woman’s identity. How she self-identifies. That’s extremely important when it comes to creating meaningful sex. If you can understand who she wants to be, you can…

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–Energy Approach

To approach a woman when you’re nervous takes a lot of willpower because you’re forcing yourself to do something that you’re worried is going to be painful. If you do that six times in a row, your willpower’s going to be completely depleted. You need to replenish your energy reserves. Make sure you get plenty…

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–Make Her Happy

How you feel about yourself is more valuable than any money or material possession If you can get a woman to feel happy around you, she’ll do anything for you because there’s nothing compared to the happiness she’s got with you.   She’ll buy you something, or do something for you, or drive you around,…

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–I:PA*CE Escalation

Allows FAST escalation. ***10   I:PA*CE is how to touch a woman. I:PA*CE is how to kiss a woman. I:PA*CE is how to talk to a woman. I:PA*CE is how to fuck a woman. Keep the order in mind. You elicit the woman’s value, elicit her personality, and elicit her sexiness through I:PA*CE. Then you…

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–Approach Mindset Exercise

I want you to just sit in a high traffic area and approach a girl that you like the look of. You’re going to notice the conscious things she did as far as her fashion and you’re going to give her a specific compliment about how it makes her more beautiful. So take a day,…

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–Pot-Committed (Compliance)

If you play poker, you’ll understand this easily because you know what “pot committed” means. Basically, in a hand, people call, raise, and put in their chips. When you put in a certain amount of chips or money, it’s hard to fold. It’s hard to give up and cut your losses because you’ve committed so…

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–Quick Chemistry

Allows for the grail – chemistry – makes you have chemistry with anyone. **9. You are your best (ie real) self, and you can draw out their best (REALEST) too. You’re not going to have great chemistry with everyone you meet. You have chemistry with everyone, but sometimes that chemistry is good and sometimes it’s…

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–Keep Pushing (Bad Days Are Good)

If you want to be successful at something – you just have to keep going. Even if you have a bad day. Paul “The Truth” Pierce is a clutch player. He’s an amazing jumper. He can score from anywhere on the court. Doc Rivers calls him a professional scorer. He has an awful game against…

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