Do You See Her?

Do you See Her?

Do you go out to meet “women” “bitches” “hoes” or get “pussy”?

I go out to Look for Her.

When I find Her, I See Her.

I don’t think about the concept of “women.”

In fact, there’s very little thinking going.

I’m listening, watching, smelling, feeling.

I drink Her in.

I want to know:

  • Her hopes
  • her fears
  • her proudest moments
  • her saddest regrets
  • her strengths
  • her weaknesses
  • her idiosyncrasies – ESPECIALLY this one!
  • what makes her laugh, smile, cry, get mad, feel safe, relax…

…And WHY!


“Why” is the path into her mind, into her Soul, the source of her choices.

What’s her unique flavor of femininity, of Embrace?

How can She help me be a better man? How can her love make me stronger?

What’s her unique Dance of Inspiration?

How will She open to me? How does She move and moan when she Surrenders?

I must know all her Why’s.

My Sight penetrates, IS penetration. I AM PENETRATION.

The way to know a woman, to see a woman, to feel a woman, to know a woman, is by feeling her, INSIDE HER.

I know my power as she reflects it to me, as she INSPIRES ME, NURTURES ME, and SURRENDERS TO ME.

I Thrust into Woman with pure, focused Attention.

I am conscious Awareness.