Are You A Smart Successful Man
Who Struggles To Meet and Connect With
The Women You REALLY Want?

My Name is Brian Burke, and for 8 years I have taught men achieve their IDEAL sex lives, through books, programs, and live coaching.

I am a professional dating coach for men. You can think of me as an executive coach for your sex and love life.

LEAD7 is my live personal coaching program designed to accelerate your success with women, whatever that means for YOU.

You’ll gain the skills and tools to enjoy a lifestyle of exciting passionate sex, and devoted, AUTHENTIC relationships with the women of your choice.

It’s all about connecting with the women you REALLY want, in the WAY you want.

It stands for:
Leadership Emergence
Accelerated Development

The number 7 refers to MY personal system of teaching, not to be confused with the system I teach…and I’ll explain this VERY VERY important difference in a moment.

So why leadership?

A man at his best is a leader
This means courage, experience, and know-how
Leading others to liberation without Deception – the 6th focality

Deception – of yourself – and others, ESPECIALLY WOMEN – holds you back in many subtle ways.

It’s not just about lying – Deception is subtle and runs deep. It comes from fear.

Moving past this fear means emerging into the man you want to be, WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

Accelerated development means you want to operate at an elite level. You have high standards, which is why you AND I are BOTH here.

And you want to do this FAST. You don’t want to waste years on blind trial and error, and the frustration and embarrassment of doing this without help from an expert. And you definitely don’t want to settle.

If you want fast results for your body, you get a personal trainer. If you want fast results for your mind, you hire a mentor, or coach. This is no different (and a lot more fun)!

You WANT someone with experience doing what they teach. You don’t get a personal trainer who is out of shape, or an executive coach that’s never held a high level position.

You will SEE me demonstrating ACT – the 3 pillars of leadership with women, as you learn it for yourself.


This system is built so you can learn and implement it FAST.

But that’s just the first half of the equation…

The second half is HOW I am able to do this so effectively – and that’s where the number 7 comes in.

Over the past 8 years, teaching men of all ages and backgrounds, I’ve discovered 7 elements of accelerated learning. The most important thing to understand about the 7 elements of accelerated learning is that not only do YOU have a structure to operate at YOUR BEST, but I ALSO have a structure – a system of teaching, I can use to ADAPT AND IMPROVISE IN THE MOMENT, based on your needs. This way I can give you truly individualized coaching.

If you get stuck, I can instantly recognize and adapt to your challenges, and help YOU get you where you need to be.
No man gets left behind.


To date, I’ve coached over 237 men personally.

I’ve had men from the military, business owners, lawyers, doctors, and even college students.

Here is a shortlist of some of my most recent students:

Jeff – 30, medical student, in residency to be a surgeon
Julio – 26, graduate-level Mathematics student, entrepreneur
Nick – late 20’s, data analyst for federal government agency
Giang – late 20’s/30’s, engineer
Erik – late 30s early 40s – Owns a security firm specializing in VIP protection of public figures
Tommy – mid-late 40’s Chief of a firehouse and head of EMT training
Rob – mid 20’s owns an athletic apparel company

You CAN Learn How To Succeed With Women, Just Like Driving, Cooking, Or Any Other Basic Life Skill.

So fill out the contact form and we can discuss whether or not LEAD7 is right for you.

See you soon,


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