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Inspiration 5

As she walks by, her breasts bounce gently under her thin t-shirt. Her butt jiggles tightly – her yoga pants stretched around her soft round bubble. Her hips roll, her hair sways. Her face is calm, oblivious to my gaze. She Inspires me as she is. She IS my Inspiration. I imagine us alone, her delicate little hand would rest on my lap, and feel me grow hard and strong for her. She would feel how much she Inspires me. Her eyes would light up, she would bite her lip, she would wonder what It might look like if she took It out… She would know how beautiful I think she is. I would show her with my lips on hers, on her neck, my breath deepening, blowing hot and hard on her soft sensitive skin. Her eyes would close, her flower moistens, she begins to Surrender, her hand caressing the throbbing passion she inspired. This is what she does to me. She is what she looks like. Her mind reflects her body. Her body reflects her Soul. She wants to see me strong, happy, relaxed, powerful, passionate, at my best. She despises me when I pretend to be weak, and ignore her effort to bring me up. When I focus on my goals, when I work hard, when I put my all into whatever I’m doing… She wonders what it would be like if all that masculine power was directed at Her…into Her. She pulls my attention with her Dance. It comes natural, it’s who she is. All she needs to do is walk past me, let me see her…just enough time to look her up and down, to feel my heartbeat speed up, to feel afraid and horny… And then I zero in. I interrupt her life, and tell her she Inspired me, and I want more. I want her to dance for me, to excite me, and make me want to be a better man. I want her to be proud of me, proud of herself… knowing she helped me Rise. I bring her up with me.


Friendship 3

Men treat women as enemies, opponents to be conquered, defeated, used. Sex is victory. Rejection, defeat. He wants her body, in spite of her mind. He tries to sneak inside of her. He tricks her, lies to her, pressures her, abandons her. Guilt trips, empty promises, sly maneuvers. He pretends to be a different man. How could sex make us enemies? How could it do anything but bring us closer? How has Our connection become so distorted and undermined? Sex requires Us to be vulnerable, so we must trust each other. Sex IS direct, pure, uncensored communication, our emotions manifested physically. Sex brings us closer, as we work together to make each other feel good, to show each other we are wonderful. Sex is a celebration of Life. The light behind my eyes is the light behind hers. When fearĀ  – the illusion of separation – is gone, expression, appreciation, all the Focalities activate. Our enjoyment of each other unites Us. We see The Life in each other, and know it in ourselves. What else is friendship? Lasting, loving, passionate relationships are truly friendships – ask any happy couple. Until you can be friends with the women you sleep with, you will struggle. When you can befriend women THROUGH sex, you will excel, connecting effortlessly with them. The “friendzone” is a misnomer. Friendship requires respect. To be friendzoned means she doesn’t respect you. “Nothing zone” describes it better. Why doesn’t she respect you? Because she knows you’re lying. You want sex, but you’re afraid. So not only are you a liar, but you are a coward. And probably bad in bed, if you’re so scared to put your balls on the table. I’m a friend to the women I sleep with, and to many more that I don’t and never will sleep with. Women are human beings, and they are made to excite, help, and Embrace you.

25 Ways To Disrespect a Woman


Deny and ridicule her sexuality. Ignore her sexuality and treat her like a child. Give her 2 options: Madonna, or whore. Tell her that her desires are bad. Put her on a pedestal and supplicate to her, so she feels alienated and objectified. Make rules for what she can do with her body. Insult everyone’s intelligence by saying these rules came from God. Pressure her to have sex, then tell your friends she is a slut. Stop talking to her once you get what you wanted. Expect her to look like a painted doll. Hold her social behavior to the standards of a child. Avoid her because she is smart. Lie to her about caring about her, or having a future together. Make up elaborate ways to make her think you are cooler than you are. Employ methods analogous to pressing a sequence of buttons on a robot to make it do what you want. Hide your passion for her, pretending you want to be her friend. Pretend you are her boyfriend, when you only want sex. Pressure her to have sex while ignoring her discomfort. Assume she is stupid and can’t tell you are full shit. Assume she’s a gold-digger. Assume she wants a boyfriend, or needs a man to feel happy. Pretend she has hurt you if you don’t get your way. Whine about “femi-nazis” taking over society. If you do this, you sound like a child. Don’t try to kiss her, touch her, or fuck her when she is alone with you and clearly likes you, because you are scared she’ll say no. Avoid approaching her because she “probably has a boyfriend” depriving a possibly lonely woman of a great experience with you.

Do You See Her?

See Her

Do you See Her? Do you go out to meet “women” “bitches” “hoes” or get “pussy”? I go out to Look for Her. When I find Her, I See Her. I don’t think about the concept of “women.” In fact, there’s very little thinking going. I’m listening, watching, smelling, feeling. I drink Her in. I want to know: Her hopes her fears her proudest moments her saddest regrets her strengths her weaknesses her idiosyncrasies – ESPECIALLY this one! what makes her laugh, smile, cry, get mad, feel safe, relax… …And WHY! Why? “Why” is the path into her mind, into her Soul, the source of her choices. What’s her unique flavor of femininity, of Embrace? How can She help me be a better man? How can herĀ love make me stronger? What’s her unique Dance of Inspiration? How will She open to me? How does She move and moan when she Surrenders? I must know all her Why’s. My Sight penetrates, IS penetration. I AM PENETRATION. The way to know a woman, to see a woman, to feel a woman, to know a woman, is by feeling her, INSIDE HER. I know my power as she reflects it to me, as she INSPIRES ME, NURTURES ME, and SURRENDERS TO ME. I Thrust into Woman with pure, focused Attention. I am conscious Awareness.

In The Absence Of Fear


In the Absence of Fear, what’s left? What would I do? I get closer. I cuddle her standing up, fitting my body into hers, and hers into mine. Vulnerable and desirous, I let go, and let her choose. “Maybe she’ll turn away. Maybe she’ll turn me down.” I still love her, still want her. I will want her every time I see her. I press until she opens, Surrenders. Warmth seeking warmth.