Adapt and Evolve [Troubleshoot yourself]

Pace is a troubleshooting system. It essentially gives you the tools to troubleshoot yourself when interacting with lipstick mark

It’s like a diagnostic tool. If you do something that elicits a weird or negative reaction from the girl, you can immediately look back on what you said and understand why. There’s power in having the ability to self-correct.

Other methods don’t often make use of troubleshooting. People have tons of different tricks that they think are so cutting edge, but they underestimate the effectiveness of diagnosing a problem and addressing it on the spot.

Remember not to just troubleshoot yourself after the interaction, but immediately after the fact. You want to actively fix your mistakes as you talk to women. That way you can immediately say, “I wasn’t doing Pace there, I was using deception.”

When you use Pace, you’ll notice that women are very responsive. They’ll react to whatever you’re doing in the moment.

Maybe you do or say something stupid that she doesn’t like. If you get back on track with Pace immediately afterward, she’ll forget your mistake. That will allow you the opportunity to continue turning her on.

Women are very emotionally reactive, which is why it is possible to recover from any mistakes you make, given that you can address them quickly. Pace does that for you.

Pace also works after the fact. With Pace you can reflect on the interactions you’ve had with women and say: “Okay, am I weak in any of the focalities? Is there a habitual mistake I’m making? How does that relate to Pace? Where is deception sneaking in?”

With Pace you can retrace your steps, troubleshoot yourself, and improve your interactions with women.


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