Reframe with Practice

Learning is how you reframe.

There’s been women I’ve met that I’ve felt were in the 99 percentile of attractiveness. They also had it together; really cool personalities and they had fun lives that were guided by their passion.

They were doing something with their life they were really passionate about. Whether they’re successful or not, I could see that they had what it took to be successful or happy. If you meet a woman like this, that you feel is better than you, ask yourself why. What’s going on there?


Is it because she’s going somewhere in life, you feel like she’s living out her passion and you’re not? Is her body in better shape than your body?

There’s a lot of little things like that. I definitely feel more attractive when I’m in great shape. That’s real, that’s not bullshit. That’s not superficial, that’s not a bad belief. Yet, if I want a 10 I don’t think as a man I necessarily have to look like a 10 but I shouldn’t be a fat slob.

I shouldn’t be just average. I need to work out a little bit. If you can feel like you look pretty good physically that’s a real physical thing that will help you.

For me it’s always my abs. I’m always trying to get the ab fat down.


All the pickup artist bullshit out there telling you that you could be some regular dude dating a supermodel. That stuff isn’t true. Where does that exist? When have you ever seen a girl who’s super together and super beautiful with a slob who doesn’t know how to dress himself or just looks like some midwestern guy from Office Space?

It never happens. That girl knows who she is and where she’s at and what her fear of life is and she’s going to be with a guy who’s pretty similar to her in that regard.


Learning through experience. It’s not about whether she’s out of your league or not. It’s about you approaching her, interacting with her, learning where these gaps between her and you are.  It’s about discovering where the cracks are in your life – your look, your body, the way you interact?

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