The Power Of The Pedestal

So, lets say you think of something to say to her like, “Hey, how are you?” (Let’s keep it simple here folks).


You approach her and ask “Hey, how are you?”


She looks you dead in the eyes and responds “Oh, I’m fine.”



then your brain starts spinning again and you’re using all these joules of energy to think of something cool or interesting to say in response.


From then on this is the nature of your whole interaction with her.


This can manifest itself in a number of ways, including fidgeting,nervous eye contact, looking away, saying awkward things that don’t make any sense.


She perceives this as you not thinking you deserve her. You don’t think you’re in her league, and you are trying to impress her.


Why are you trying to impress her? The only reason you’d be trying so hard to impress this woman is because you want to have sex with her.


Together, things start to look really bad for you. She’s thinking this guy is trying to impress me because he wants to have sex with me, but he doesn’t think he actually deserves it.


So do you think this woman will actually want to continue an interaction with you or want to have sex with you?


Let’s fast forward for a second.


Let’s say you actually get her number. You get ‘lucky.’


So, now you’re dating her and every time you hang out it’s what do you want to do tonight? Where should we go? What movie do you want to see?


Even in the bedroom you’re saying, Can I do this? Would you mind doing this to me?


You’re making her the focus of the relationship.


The whole relationship is not about you and her experiencing life together side-by-side, enjoying life and enjoying each other. The whole meaning of the relationship is you accomodating her.


This is bad for you and for her. She does not want to be on that pedestal.


This all comes from your pedestal mentality, thinking you need to impress her, trying to seek her approval.


The worst thing you can do as a man is seek a woman’s approval, try to impress her, and put her on a pedestal. In essence it’s all the same thing and it starts with that pedestal mentality.

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