Get Women By Being Yourself

Overview: Behavior becomes attractive without technique or conscious effort. Naturally makes your behavior attractive – women are turned on as a byproduct – just like her tits turn men on as a byproduct of them just being there ***6 Guys I grew up with. Now it’s me, “what’s he got? “ now my friends say “ I don’t know how you do it.” I was never funny – serious, awkward, “boring” and sense of humor was weird. Now I’m funny because I’m relatable. I used to be the last dog, now I get looks when I’m with my friends. Models and “normal” situations (volunteering etc) where women come to me.

Your behavior becomes more attractive through the use of Pace. Women will be naturally turned on by your presence.

When you talk to women you’ll notice that they’re looking at you more, they’re smiling more,  they’re touching you, they’re making themselves more available.

You might even see them adjusting their bras to draw attention to their breasts. You’ll notice women doing these things because they’re turned on by you.

If your goal is to just sleep with the woman and have more of a physical relationship, she needs to know that the sex will be good. So you need to communicate that you’re good in bed.

Pace naturally triggers the emotional sequence in a woman. The arousal sequence in a woman is respect, safety and anticipation. You will naturally be triggering that just by talking to her, being in her presence, and being authentic.

Pace naturally makes your behavior attractive. Just like her tits turn you on simply for being there, your behavior will turn her on purely for what it is.

She doesn’t have to do anything. Just the fact that she has a nice body and a pretty face makes you horny. It’s the same for women, except it’s not about your body, it’s about your mind.

Your mind is where your personality comes from. So just through interacting with her and having a conversation she will become more attracted to you.

Women will be much more receptive to you based on the way that you interact. Your goal might not be to court her and go on 5 sexless dates. If it isn’t, you want to avoid pretending that you want to be this girl’s boyfriend. That is deception. It’s not what you really want and she can feel that.

As soon as you start trying to be the boyfriend and play the courting game, women will hold you to a different standard.

If you’re applying for that position in her life there is a standard that has to be met, so she’s going to start screening for the traits she looks for in a boyfriend. You don’t want to be held to that standard.

It’s not a lower or higher standard. It’s just a different job requirement, and you don’t want that job. You want to be the guy that she texts at 1:30 before she leaves the bar. The guy whose dick she comes over to ride all night.

If that’s the job you want, you want her to come over, cook, hangout on the couch. You want her to come over a few times a week to give you a blow job and leave, or hangout if you want her to hang out.

That’s the kind of relationship that you want from this girl. If the terms you want are purely sexual, she has to be excited about sex with you.

Pace does that. Pace shows her, for one, that you are not being deceptive. Which immediately makes you look more powerful, and sets you apart from all of the guys who are using deception to get what they want.

Your personality will be more exciting to her. She’ll be turned on by how you carry yourself, and by how you talk.

Pace also makes a man good in bed. Each focality of Pace translates in the bedroom. There’s that passionate, pounding, animalistic element to it, but for women sex isn’t all about in and out. Women like foreplay, learning about each others bodies. She wants to be comfortable with you.

Pace is also about how to make all of that happen at just the right time.

Women pick up on these subtleties. Look at a woman with pure curiosity. Learn about her. Learn how she thinks. Learn about what’s important to her. Get a sense of her personality, her energy. Feel her femininity. When she sees that, subconsciously she’ll sense that you’re probably very good at foreplay.

You’ll get very good at kissing her body. Touching her and learning how to please her. Learning Pace verbally will allow you to execute it physically.

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