She Wants Your Best Self

Every guy has his own unique personality and style. Women are wired to respond more to a full and unique experience with a man, rather than a calculated one.

The one thing that women tell me all the time is that I’m not like any guy they’ve met before.

I started to wonder what it was that set me apart, so that I could do it again. What made me different? I always felt like that was an ambiguous statement: “You’re not like any other guy.”

I wondered, what specifically did they like that made them want to sleep with me or see me again? Then I started realizing that she wanted to sleep with me because I wasn’t like any other kind of guy.

And she was right, I’m not like any other kind of guy. I am an individual, I am a unique person. I don’t have to try to be different, because I already am.

You try to do things “the right way” or try to do what you’ve seen other guys do. What you think you’re supposed to do. You want to be confident, you want to look confident. Which is the typical advice we’re given as men.

So I’ll see a movie starring a confident male protagonist, like James Bond, and I’ll think, that’s how I’m supposed to look. The problem is, that’s what every other guy is trying to do.


Don’t try to do it right, don’t try to be good, don’t try to be clever. Just go with your first impulse.

When you try to be good or clever and say the right things you end up doing what everyone else does.

We all have the same bullshit ideas of what we’re suppose to do. So it’s important to be yourself and give a woman your unique individuality and a unique masculine experience.

You’re unique masculine flavor. That’s what thrust is.


Pace is a structure that preempts deception from entering your cognition and allows your natural self to flourish.


IPACE forces your best self to emerge, out of deception (hide) regadless of context in social sitautions. forces your best natural self to emerge (your true self is your best self – the man you want to be is who you really are.

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