How To Be Funny By Relating

Pace can make you the funny guy in the room. And people will laugh for different reasons.

People laugh when you tease them. When a girl says something silly and you call her on it, she’ll laugh at herself.

That let’s her know that you’re the kind of guy who can make her laugh.

The two things that women always say they want in a man are confidence and a sense of humor.

If she’s laughing with you, obviously she’s enjoying your sense of humor.

Pace also makes it very easy for you express yourself and share you mental experiences, or “ME.”

The acronym I use is “ME.” You’ll notice that the best comedians are very good at describing their unique, goofy mental experiences. They just tell you what they’re thinking. Guys like Jim Gaffigan, Jim Norton, Bill Burr and Louis C.K.


Louis C.K. is especially great at this. He is probably one of the best at ME and he basically just explains a weird situation he was in and what he thought of it.

He’s very honest about it. He talks about wanting to punch his kids and stuff like that. Thoughts that everyone’s had but are afraid to voice. He’ll get up there and lay it all out.

Why is everyone laughing? Because they can all relate to it. So the more you share your mental experience, the more you’ll find people laughing.

You see a lot of stuff out there aimed at men giving guys funny lines or jokes to tell women to make them laugh. It’s totally unnecessary and it comes off weird and phony.

Pace naturally makes you a funny guy. Women will laugh, and have more fun with you.

You’ll also learn to notice when your conversation with a woman is shifting, and learn to calibrate accordingly. I will be joking around with a girl, say something funny, get her cracking up and then the conversation will get very deep and philosophical. Then it will get very sexual, and then it’ll get funny again.

I have that flexibility. Every woman is different so you need that flexibility, and that creativity to connect with her. Pace gives that to you.

Pace means to keep up with someone. It’s being able to adapt and calibrate to their personality and speed. Their unique flavor of humanity.


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