Train Your Future Self

For now, it’s not about whether or not you want to approach these women. If you do it now, you’ll benefit in the long-term. So in those moments when you do feel like it, you are really turned on by a girl and wanna make something happen, you’re able to, because you put in the hours beforehand.

In your regular life, you shouldn’t just be going out doing approaches for their own sake. But this is a unique situation. This is a starting point. You’re actually in the process of training right now. So you need to do that.

It’s a different mindset. Think about getting a personal trainer for your fitness. You’re not always going to have a personal trainer and you’re not always going to go in the gym and do all this crazy stuff to get you in great shape. You might just do maintenance or whatever after a while. But that time when you’re with the trainer, you’re doing all that weird shit and you don’t get to say “Well I’m not going to do this exercise.”


That is how you need to treat this initially.

I was helping two guys in Miami, one guy was really good looking and in great shape. The other guy was a little pudgy and not so good looking. He was an Asian guy in the military – kind of a very low key, boring, quiet personality.

And then the other guy was really confident, really interesting. He was Spanish so he had that kind of Rico Suave look to him. He surfed so he had that surfer body and look.

We went to the mall to do some day game and girls were checking this guy out. Now his ego was so important to him that he refused to make mistakes and do anything. So we spent the day at the mall in Miami. You can imagine – nothing but hot South American girls.

This guy refused to do approaches – just completely refused. I tried to actually push him into a store where a girl that eye-fucked him was shopping as he walked past and he jumped backwards against my hand.


On the flipside, the other guy, he was a madman and he had that military background. If the boss or the coach tells you to do something, that’s just what you do because you’re training now. And he tore it up. He approached at least 6 different women without hesitation.

He approached a really hot girl who was with her family. Her dad was right there and he just didn’t care. He just went and did it. He was respectful, he wasn’t rude or anything. He was very warm but that just shows you, you can’t succeed if you don’t try.

I never heard from the good looking Spanish guy again. I think he was embarrassed about what he did – or didn’t do – at the mall.

But the other guy, he emailed me like a month later. He had a really hot girlfriend. He sent me picture of him and her at some outdoor bar and she was a super hot Asian girl. To me he looked like Frankenstein. He was a big, chubby, square-headed guy and here he is with this hot girl.

That’s the long-term resolve that you can’t feel or see right now but you gotta trust it, it’s there. That’s how you do it.

I just know from experience, it doesn’t matter what your reasons are.

What stops you from getting long-term success is treating it like you need to succeed right now. like today is when you win or lose.

And that prevents you from putting in the time and effort long-term. Because if you see what you’re doing today as your practice round, then you won’t feel as if you’ve failed. You’ll feel as if you’ve succeeded just by trying, which will push you further and further down the path.

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