The Most Powerful Mindset For Sex (Giving vs. Getting)

You are not trying to appease others (especially women) so that they let you be in their lives.

You do not put pressure on her for sex.


First of all, sex is not something you are trying to get. Her vagina is not made of gold.


The attitude you should have is, you give it to her as a reward for her contribution. This, interestingly, is what actually turns women on.


This requires that she contributes something.


Most guys fuck this order up, and it’s the cause of all their problems.


They’re acting on faulty script.


First, they try to get sex before she has done anything to earn it (no, merely looking good does not constitute earning it).


So instead you want her to elicit her natural nurturing instinct, then escalate or reward her. Some kind of step forward in the interaction, a step which moves you toward sex.


Obviously it’s not like she buys you a drink and then you have sex with her, something a little bit more subtle than that. Say she buys you a drink and then you put your hand on her back and say, “Thank you sweetie. That was really nice of you” in a deep warm tone of voice.


What this says is: my touch, my physicality, my sexuality is a reward for your contribution.


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