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– spent a long time planning what to say and id get nervous or it would come out weird.

– Dumb shit I did. Flowres acting macho tough, trying to use clever, funny lines, c and f, dhv

– I was always chasing while other guys got chased. I had to spend money and wait.

– Shy – bad at touch, logistics, relationships. All new hurdles. Took too much time. Journals to find common denominator

– Lauren – never again. Depressed, now almost every girl is like a soul mate there’s chemistry, passion, fun, connection, freedom!

– PB – every woman is different, but has core principles at work

– I used to go on dates and wonder when to make a move and I was usually wrong

(Men and women talk differently, I:PA*CE teaches you how to communicate on her level)

The biggest problem men have is not knowing what to say to women.

That’s because many men don’t understand the purpose of conversation. Usually when men talk they’re trying to solve a problem. But when you approach a pretty girl there’s no real problem to solve.

Men also talk to compete. They’re always subtly trying to one-up each other. Like men, women have their own games that they play conversationally.

Therein lies the problem: men and women play different games.


So when a man is talking to a woman and he’s in competition mode, he’s not going to be able to connect with that woman because that’s not what women are trying to do when they make conversation.

Women are all about creating alliances, forming connections, and making sure that they are understood. Women especially want to make sure that the other person understands how they feel and where they’re coming from.

As a man, your focus needs to be on connecting with her. That can seem very vague, and hard to apply in real life situations.

So how do you do it? Well, I:PA*CE can aid you in drawing out her authentic personality, and in expressing your own.

Even in casual conversation, I:PA*CE creates a mutually authentic experience.

You know those silly conversations that you have with your best friend? With I:PA*CE you can immediately and organically have that with women that you meet.

Most dating, pickup, or seduction methods out there are basically giving guys scripts and lines that give instructions on how to flirt with women.

99% of the stuff out there consists of prepared phrases and lines. It is a very structured way of flirting.

The problem with those methods is that they teach men to flirt with women through teasing. The Mystery Method and all these other popular dating methods (Cocky Funny, Double Your Dating) only teach guys how to tease women.

The problem with these methods is that they treat flirting as if it is one-dimensional. Teasing a woman only works when you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Approaching a girl and teasing her because you think somehow it’ll get you laid is going to come off as abrasive. It won’t seem natural to her and she won’t feel good about it.


I made that mistake when I was younger. Teasing women and coming off as a jerk because I wasn’t teasing them for the right reason.

Teasing a woman is a way to screen her. You’re trying to find out if she’s worth your time.

You want to do it in a playful way, with a smile on your face. But screening a woman with playful teasing is only one of the five focalities.

All of the methods out there are focused on flirting and what I’ve heard called the “attraction phase,” where you come in at high energy and tease the woman a lot to excite and engage her.

I’ve even seen goofy methods like using magic tricks designed to ensure the woman fails or messes up, giving you the opportunity to use your pre-scripted line “Oh my God, what am I going to do with you?”.

That’s all well and good, but I:PA*CE teaches you how to tease the her all the time. There should be no point in your interaction where you aren’t able to tease a woman.

You don’t need to remember a bunch of games. You can make up fun stuff like that on the spot and it will always be a million times better because it feels real, natural, and spontaneous.

I tease women that I haven’t seen for years. I tease women that I’ve known for years. I even tease women that I’ve just met, and I never have to plan it.

The conversations can range from goofy and casual to deep and personal. Teasing while flirting is just one of the five I:PA*CE focalities: appreciation and potential.

Anything that only focuses on one of the five focalities is giving you a very small fragment of the big picture.



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