Demonstrating Your Vision [Eyes On The Prize]

You always want to be demonstrating your mission and larger vision for your life –  putting your tasks and your goals first.

So if you’re working on a project, and you would have to compromise that project in order to see her, you don’t see her. You keep working on your project.


Sure it can be tough sometimes. Being horny, perhaps desperate and not having a lot of options – it’s easy to put everything down just to get a chance to have sex


Women can smell this, they can smell this on you, and it’s not attractive.


Vision is about your life outside of women. It’s about your ultimate goals, your mid goals and your short term goals.


I tend to organize my life into five year goals, one year goals and month to month goals.


Month to month goals are a little more colorful and sporadic. For example; one month I might decide, ok, I’m going to actually use this Spanish book I bought and learn Spanish. This month is going to be my jumping-off point for learning Spanish


Now, that’s a goal that women can help me with. When I lived in Florida, I mostly dated Hispanic women. A lot of them spoke Spanish and that’s something that I can practice with them; something we can share together. That’s one example of how vision Naturally flows into all aspects of your life.


Your ultimate goals are also something that you can share with women. For example; wanting to start your own business, maybe if you’re in a band, or you do some kind of artistic, creative work, having some kind of big goal like wanting to have your work in a museum, or to play to an audience of two thousand. You should keep track of what your goals are, and also discern what kind of goals they are.


There are two kinds of goals, and the second kind of goal is something that I don’t actually hear people talk about very much.


The first kind of goal is very common. It’s what you want to do, it’s stuff you want to have; to double your salary next year, or to buy a condo and invest in some real estate.


The other kind of goal is about who you want to be.


For me, being honest and being a kind, caring person is extremely important. That’s something I really had to be conscious of because I tend to have a hot temper sometimes. I have this negative side in me where I can really lash out, be negative and criticize people. So one of my goals is to reduce that and become a more positive, caring person.


Those are the kind of goals you should have when you imagine the kind of person you want to be. Think about what it takes to be that kind of guy. That’s a guy who’s focused, he’s mentally stable, he’s emotionally stable, he’s a guy who cares about his friends, has good relationships.


Those are goals as well, and women can help you out with them.


Your lifestyle should be aligned with your vision so every day should bring you closer to your goals. I have noticed in my interactions with people – and especially women – that I tend to talk a lot about my personal life. I’m an open book about my problems.


That’s because I don’t think there’s any reason to hide it, and the best resource I have for teaching is my own self because I’m going through life, experiencing the same kind of stuff as everyone else is.


I have noticed that I actually get depressed and will be in a bad mood if I’m doing stuff on a day-to-day basis that is not moving me towards my goals. I’ll actually feel bad and I’ll be in a bad mood.


How do you get in a good mood? What if you’re in a crappy mood and don’t feel like talking to anybody, but you see this hot girl that you want to meet? How do you change gears?


It almost always comes down to the lifestyle. But if you’re living a life that you’re not proud of – if you’re living a life that is not aligned with your goals – you’re going to feel bad about yourself.


That’s one of the reasons why Vision is so fucking important. It keeps you in a good mood.


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