How to Open Her Up

(I:PA*CE for opening conversations)

Always have an opener for any situation

Most methods out there either give you only one or two basic concepts, or they give you a huge list of techniques. The best way to get better is to find a middle ground – neither concept nor tactic.

What you need is five concepts. They’re not lines, they’re focalities.

You can use any of the five focalities to open to a woman in a way that’s fun, that makes conversation easy for her, and that triggers that sexual spark.

The five focalities also don’t undermine respect. A lot of men undermine respect, and ruin the respect women would have for them by being disrespectful, or by being too needy.

Men will often try to impress a woman by using deception, for example by using a pre-conceived line. Instantly the woman will recognize that you’re not someone she can respect.

No woman is going to sleep with a guy she doesn’t respect.


I try to refrain from using words like seduction,  pickup, or game because those words don’t hit the mark.

They’re not accurate. That’s not really what’s going on. What you really need to focus on is respect, safety and anticipation. You want to use I:PA*CE to trigger those.


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