Don’t Deceive Her

(Be a leader, show her what you want, stimulate RSA)

Prevents napp (what all guys do), deception – the one wrong thing men do with hot women and it’s the worst thing. *10

Men run into trouble particularly when talking to really hot women. Remember we’re always talking about the woman you really want. There’s a small shift when you talk to a woman whose extremely attractive.

Most men’s strategy with these women is to use deception in some form or another to create the impression that they are more successful than they actually are.

You try to be funny, which is not your natural personality. By trying to make more jokes than you normally would you’re presenting a caricature of yourself. You’re acting. It’s not who you really are.

You use deception because you’re trying to impress her. You’re trying to get her to like you.

And that’s actually the worst thing you can do, is try to seek a woman’s approval.

You look at any conventional dating advice: “10 ways to impress the girl you like”, “10 ways to impress women.”

Trying to impress a woman is opposite of what you should try to do.

Of course, you shouldn’t go up to women and try to make them hate you. But her opinion of you shouldn’t even be on your radar.

That’s not what leadership is about, and women are looking for leadership.

When you’re with a good friend that you’re comfortable with. You know that they like and appreciate you, so you don’t have to worry about their approval.

You can do that with women. You can even do that with extremely attractive women, and there’s no need for deception.


Women are always screening for deception. Women like sex, but there’s a lot of risk involved. If she’s going to surrender her body to be penetrated by you, she needs to trust you.

Think about how terrifying it would be to think that a man that’s inside of her has been deceiving her this whole time. Because there’s that level of risk, she has the best lie detector system that exists.

When you try to deceive women they can tell. And a lot of times they won’t say anything. They just excuse themselves.

I:PA*CE prevents you from using deception. And you may think of yourself as an honest person when you interact with women, but it;s very likely that to some degree, you’re putting on some a persona or act.

The primary way that men use deception is to pretend that they want to be a woman’s boyfriend, which leads them down the courting route.

They act like they really care about the woman, and they’re thinking about a long-term relationship when they’re really not.

They just want to have sex and hangout. The irony again is that women are okay with that if you turn them on.

A woman is okay with having sex with men outside of the conventional boyfriend/girlfriend situation, if she’s horny. If you make her horny. If she’s turned on by you.

Three ways to trigger those reactions from a woman are respect, safety and anticipation.


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