Money, Money, Money

[Don’t Worry, Be Happy]


A lot of guys spend their lives chasing status and wealth just to get hot girls.

But women don’t need guys to be rich.


This is why I always talk about my values, and what I like about my job, and what my goals are, because that conveys that I’m going to be successful, and that I’m not bullshitting.


I really believe I’m going to be very successful, I already feel successful and that I will be even more successful in the future. So, when I’m talking about that, it’s real. A woman can sense that. I’m not rich, I’m far from rich, but I convey the trait that eventually I will be.


Intelligence is a big part of being successful, of dealing with the world, of surviving. However, intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean an academic background.


If you’re not going to school, don’t worry, that’s not a big deal. You want to convey that you’re intelligent, with a strong ethical path that you obey. For me, I will make sacrifices in order to do the right thing.


I know what I value, and it’s being honest, being true to myself, protecting people, looking out for others, leaving the world a better place than I found it; and that’s a big part of my life. That’s a big part of my personality. I talk about it, I don’t stray from it, and when I do, I feel shitty about it.


Show her that you’re serious about your goals. You talk about something you did that day that actually moved you towards your goals.


If a girl comes over and you’re busy doing something, let her wait. That’s going to show her that you’re driven, you’re motivated, and you’re serious about your goals. That actually makes her trust you more than if you drop everything and just started catering to her.


Doing well in your current position wherever you are at in life will show her that you are serious. I’ve had some really crappy jobs, and if you’re working at a crappy job you don’t like, I understand you not wanting to put your all into it.


I know it’s damn near impossible to give a hundred and ten percent at a job you hate. I’ve done everything from delivering pizzas to carrying out malts to peoples’ cars. Just do enough so that your boss respects you and values you, and can give you a good recommendation afterwards.


I have noticed something about myself. When I do slack off at work, and even now when I’m late getting projects done, I feel bad. I feel almost like I’m not a man. I feel like a child, like I can’t handle my own life, and it obviously kills my confidence with women.


If you put in an honest day’s work, when you leave work, you feel like you deserve something good. You see an attractive woman and you feel like you’re a grown man who works, makes money, is self-sufficient, and does well at his job. You feel like you deserve to have a cute girlfriend.


It might seem unrelated, but doing a good job at work, finishing up your daily tasks, your daily errands, getting shit done, figuring out what you value, what your ethics are, sometimes sacrificing time with a woman so that you can move forward in your goals, can communicate to women what kind of person you are.


That will have an incredible effect on women because it will show them that you have a real vision. When a man has a vision, a woman wants to be a part of that vision. You don’t even need to game her or use any kind of lines to get her to want to be with you.


She’ll already fucking want to because that’s how women work.


She sees a man with a vision, she wants to jump onboard.


When you have your life together, you are a happy person. You feel like you’re doing your thing. You feel like you put in a good day’s work. You had your fun that day. You made your money that day. You did your best, and that makes you feel happy.


The most important thing when you’re approaching a woman or interacting with a woman is to be happy.


That’s it.


Think about how nervousness kills your happiness. Think about how your anxiety kills your happiness. Think about how the pedestal mentality makes you look unhappy when you approach a woman. You’re nervous, you don’t look happy.


Being happy is about being calm, being comfortable with yourself, and that all stems from your vision. From doing a good job in your life outside of women.

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