Pot-Committed (Compliance)

If you play poker, you’ll understand this easily because you know what “pot committed” means. Basically, in a hand, people call, raise, and put in their chips. When you put in a certain amount of chips or money, it’s hard to fold. It’s hard to give up and cut your losses because you’ve committed so much money already.

Mentally, it will be difficult for you to give up at that point. You’ve invested so much that it will be hard for your brain to deal with letting go.


Compliance is essentially getting a woman “pot committed” to you. If a woman feels like she’s putting in a lot of work to attract you, to get you, she’s going to feel more invested in you. She’s going to feel more motivated to maintain a relationship with you and to keep you in her life.


This is the beauty of compliance because you begin getting compliance from a woman right off the bat.


It seems like small, unimportant stuff at first; getting her to buy you a drink, or getting her to drive to your place, but it builds upon itself.


Now, the most powerful compliance you can get from a woman is emotional compliance. If you can get emotional compliance, material compliance is nothing. You won’t need a technique, you just fucking ask for it.


You are not being manipulative here. You want to draw women out. To find out who she really is. You want her to express her personality as honestly as possible so that you can figure out where she’s going to sit in your life.


If this is a girl that I really click with, and I really like who she is as a person then we’re talking long term potential.


If this is a girl who’s cool for a little while, she’s fun but we don’t have a lot in common after a couple of hours of hanging out and there’s a level of sexual attraction there, she’s going to fit into my life differently.


That’s why I focus on enjoying the woman now. A by-product of doing that is, she becomes emotionally invested in me.


Women are looking to bond with a strong man so that they have a better chance of survival. In the society that we live in now, this is not so relevant. The survival needs are different, but the wiring is the same in the mind.


It takes a long time to adjust to the new society that we live in. Our brains haven’t had time to change from the fifty thousand years before this, where it really was a serious need for women to meet a man for survival.


Now this can all sound a bit Machiavellian. I’m getting women to do things for me so that they have to trick themselves into thinking that they like me and I’m important to them, and that I care about them.


Remember what I said about my intention when I deal with women. I want to draw them out for the purpose of figuring out where they fit into my life. That’s all.


A side effect of this is that they become emotionally invested or pot committed.


I’m not doing this because I want to manipulate her. It’s a by-product that she will mentally want to be around me. She will want to bond with me. She will make me more trustworthy in her mind, and, in her perception, I will care about her more.


This emotional investment is a side effect of me drawing a woman out. This is just the nature of things. This is how human emotions work.

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