I:PA*CE Escalation

Allows FAST escalation. ***10


I:PA*CE is how to touch a woman. I:PA*CE is how to kiss a woman. I:PA*CE is how to talk to a woman. I:PA*CE is how to fuck a woman.

Keep the order in mind. You elicit the woman’s value, elicit her personality, and elicit her sexiness through I:PA*CE. Then you reward her through I:PA*CE.

Whether in a conversation or before you’ve even talked to her, she observes you talking to other people and sees that you’re a leader.

In keeping that order in mind, where the woman maybe makes an effort or does something to get your interest or get your attention, you will learn to escalate more quickly.

I:PA*CE Escalation 2

Convo, touch, logistics, sex, relationship, harem management – all I:PA*CE in context. No extra tactics or thought. All aligned and streamlined. ** yea, streamlined and aligned, ‘structural integrity’ ‘system integrity’ 9. No need for extra skill set. ACT via I:PA*CE deos it all. SS covers everything. It will prep you for training, or be a great follow up.


There’s a lot of ideas out there about how to touch women. Stuff like games you can play with women. Thumb wars is one, which I used to do a lot when I was younger.

These types of games are excuses to get physical with a woman. I’ve seen a lot of similar methods that try to show you different techniques to touch a woman, but a technique is not a system. Having a method for touching women is going to make your touches feel strange.

Women can feel that dishonesty. They can feel the awkwardness in your touch. They’re very sensitive to that.


Also, if you’re thinking about what you need to say and you’re also thinking about how touch a woman, you’re using your energy thinking about two things. That’s going to get in your way.

You shouldn’t be thinking about two different things when you’re talking to a woman. I:PA*CE allows you to touch her naturally and confidently.

Your hands, for example, can express appreciation.

I used to use the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder. First you touch her arm, then you touch her back, then you touch her hair and neck area.

But I’ve since found that that order is completely unnecessary. I can touch her hair if I want to. I can touch her back right away. I can touch a woman anywhere.

It’s been well established that I like women with nice asses. What I’ll do a lot is I’ll actually tell her “Wow, I love your butt. Let me squeeze it?” and I’ll turn her around and squeeze her butt. I was demonstrating this in Las Vegas a few months ago and I did it to at least 4 women in a row.

I got a couple numbers, and could have taken one home but I was running a program and needed sleep. I saw her before she left town though.

Now, that’s Vegas. I don’t advocate anyone trying that. You have to be in the zone, having a great time, and totally congruent. But I:PA*CE will get you to that point.

That just shows you, if your touch is coming from the right place—in other words I:PA*CE—you can do the same thing.

You can leap ahead. You don’t have to go through this boring courting process, or the escalation phases. You don’t have to do any of that.

Instead of trying to use a one size fits all approach with women you’ll see the opportunity to escalate, you’ll do it, and she will enjoy it because it’s coming from the right place.


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