Make Her Happy

How you feel about yourself is more valuable than any money or material possession

If you can get a woman to feel happy around you, she’ll do anything for you because there’s nothing compared to the happiness she’s got with you.


She’ll buy you something, or do something for you, or drive you around, or do whatever the fuck you want because she feels happy around you, and that completely overshadows any materialistic endeavor she could have towards you.


What makes a person want to be around someone else in order to feel happy? You have to feel like you can be yourself around them.


I’ve known people who I admired, respected, and looked up to, but when I was around them, I felt really nervous and actually didn’t want to be around them. Maybe I want to learn something from them, or get something from them, or I wanted their approval. But I definitely did not want to just hang around with them. I didn’t feel good about myself around them. I felt inferior.


If you want people to be happy and feel good around you (and believe me, you do) you have to create a relational dynamic within which she feels happy around you and validated by you.


The times that we feel the most happy are when we feel like we can be our true selves. We can say exactly what’s on our minds. We can relax around people, knowing that whatever silly joke or stupid comment we make is not going to be ridiculed, and it’s not going to get us ostracized, isolated or rejected. It’s just going to be accepted and responded to.


Think about the way you interact with your close friends who’ve known you for years. They think that you’re a cool person, they like you and appreciate you. You can crack a stupid joke. You don’t always have to say witty, interesting things. You can just be your same, boring, normal self, and they still love, accept, and appreciate you.


That’s the dynamic you want with women.


If she feels like she can be her true self without putting up any front, any persona, any act, any effort, and still be appreciated and accepted by you, she will feel happy when she’s with you.


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