What Does Sex Really Mean?

(How I:PA*CE helps you understand female sexuality)

Makes you good in bed. *** 10, if expanded/juiced a little more

– Need a story

I:PA*CE can help you determine a woman’s identity. How she self-identifies.

That’s extremely important when it comes to creating meaningful sex. If you can understand who she wants to be, you can use sex as a means for her to feel like that.

You want to empower her sexually, which will make her crave sex with you. The irony is guys are afraid to empower women sexually, because they secretly fear that once a woman has a choice, she won’t choose anything less than an alpha male.


But that’s not how women choose. Women choose men who make them feel like a sexy diva, a submissive kitten, whatever she’s into.


Underlying what specifically turns her on is her arousal from feeling desired. All of this can be achieved through I:PA*CE.

What do you mean? What’s so important about creating meaning?

Essentially, when it comes to sex itself, it’s the meaning behind the act that turns women on.

Think about romance novels, I think everyone can agree that a romance novel is like women’s porn. That’s the one thing that gets all women wet.

And what is a romance novel? It’s a story.

So when the woman has sex with the dashing highlander rogue, it’s not just the act itself that turns her on.

See, as men we don’t understand, because we watch porn to get ourselves off. It just starts right at the action. She’s naked, she’s getting fucked and that’s good for us.

But for the women, it’s the build up to the act. This mysterious guy, he’s hard to reach, he just does whatever he wants.

He pisses her off but she’s still drawn to him. He’s mysterious and over time she unravels his personality, his story, his background, his history.

What makes him so mysterious, dark, and tough are all the things he’s been through. What he’s true secret vision is. What he’s really up to.

She learns all these things and then they’re on the bearskin rug having sex.

At that point it’s the same act as in a porno. Your dick is going in and out of this women.

But in a romance novel there’s a story behind it. There’s a story leading up to it. So she’s not just fucking an anonymous dick. She’s fucking a man with a story, with a history.

He resonates emotionally with her as a woman.

So when you’re talking about sex having meaning it sounds like a conflict. If sex has meaning that means it’s going somewhere; somewhere long term.

Meaningful sex doesn’t mean the relationship is “going somewhere.” That’s a huge misconception.

Another common misconception is that women think they are the sexual prize, and when they resist or aren’t super eager to get with you it’s because they think they are too good.

More often than not it’s that they are afraid. They have fears men don’t have, but they can’t openly discuss those fears with a guy they just met.

In The Hite Report (A study on female sexuality) women state that they “want meaningful sex.”

It was also found that women all say they are open to casual sex, to sleeping with men, or they’ve “had some adventures before but I want sex to have meaning.”

They say meaningful sex and as men we assume that means lovey dovey.

We’re having sex because I love you, we’re having sex because we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now. We’re having sex now because I’m committed to you and I want to be in an exclusive relationship with you long term.

That’s not what women mean at all.

For them, meaningful means a man and woman connecting deeper by revealing their inner selves to each other.

That’s the fundamental desire. The inner self being revealed mutually through sex.

That means you can have a casual sexual partner, a lover, or just a woman that you sleep with.

You can have a woman that you’re friends with, and you guys just hang out and have passionate fun sex together without needing that long-term exclusive commitment.

You can do this because she’s still satisfied. She’s still enjoying it. She’s getting what she needs, which is meaning, without you having to pretend that you want to be in relationship with her.

If you understand what “meaning” is, if you understand what they really mean by meaningful sex then you can satisfy that need directly without making false promises about the future.

If she likes you a lot she’s going to want to see more of you. That just comes with the territory. You can fight that, you just have to be responsible about it.

It’s a quality problem. Women just love you too much.

That’s a real thing that can happen to you. Women are going to be crazy about you. Just by creating meaning sexually through the things you say to her as you’re kissing her, as you’re touching her, as you’re becoming more intimate.

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