ME Conversation

I:PA*CE Leads to an intuitive sense of each unique woman

(ME Questions & Statements)

  1. E. stands for mental experience.


You want to ask mental experience questions. She says she’s a nurse, you ask her what it’s like being a nurse. It’s really that simple.

These kinds of questions generate huge, in depth answers where people are really explaining themselves and really trying to show you who they are as a person.


When you ask someone a mental experience question, what you get is them showing you themselves.


Let’s do some examples:

If a girl says she was just messing around on Facebook for a couple of hours earlier. The ME question in that context would be: “What do you like about Facebook?” Or “Why do you use Facebook so much? What do you get out of it?”


Another more specific example could be, “What’s your criterion for adding friends to your Facebook?” Or “What’s the first thing you want people to see when they look at your Facebook page?” All these questions are going to get her to reveal her mental experience. Her ME, who she is.


The last thing is Statements.


This is easy. Following questions, make ME statements, Mental Experience statements.


When I’m talking, I have a habit of thinking more about how I think about things rather than the things themselves. I don’t focus too much on facts, but I focus on my feelings and talk about them. I’ll say, “Yeah, this happens, and I was like this, and I was thinking this, and I said this. Then this person did this, and it made me think this, or it reminded me of this.”


Everything I’m sharing, everything I’m talking about, is about my mental thought about the experience.


When you do this, it makes it safe for the woman to do the same thing in return. She sees that you’re being honest, expressing yourself, not worried about trying to impress her, not trying to put up a persona.


She feels free sharing her ME, her mental experience. She’ll do that, and then you’ll reward her.


Most guys wouldn’t ask a woman to get them a drink or when they do go up to a woman, the first thing they do won’t be to have her do something for them. Usually, it’s the woman asking if you are going to buy her a drink.


You want to reverse that.


Even though it’s kind of a cliché at this point, it still happens. What you’re doing is you’re flipping the script. You will go to a woman and actually use her beauty, her physical beauty not as a reason to put her on a pedestal, but as a tool that you can use for your own benefit.


I would go up to a woman and say, “You’re such a cutie, I bet you’re going to get served way faster than I would up at this bar. Would you grab me a water?”


If the bartender is a guy, I’ll say, “This guy is not going to wait on me. Why don’t you use your feminine charm to get me a water, would you please?” She gets me a water, and I say, “Thank you, sweetie. What’s your name?” I will reward her for her effort.


She gives me her name. I respond with my name and I ask a simple question like, “How is your night going?” She says something, and I ask a ME question. She says her ME. I reward her with touch. I make a ME statement. She sees that it is safe to make an even bigger ME statement where she can really talk about herself. She does so, and I reward. I take the touch to another level, or logistics, or whatever feels natural.



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