Merge inner-outer game

(Positive feedback loops). ** 10

– I was doing weird shit – tapping, tapes, affirmations, then I’d try to recite lines, undermining my desired beliefs and being good enough

There is talk in pickup and seduction about merging inner and outer game. And the fact of the matter is there’s no real distinction. There’s no such thing as inner or outer game.

I:PA*CE is inner and outer game. Inner game is about how you think. It’s about changing your beliefs. It’s about changing your thought process.

Outer game is your behavior, how you interact with people and how they perceive you.

If you’re only focused on inner game, there will be a lag with your outer game. Only focus on outer game and there will be a lag with your inner game.

If you’re only concentrating on one, you’re actually slowing your progress because that lag will create a negative feedback loop and that negative feedback loop will punish good stuff and encourage bad stuff. You want to be doing both.

I:PA*CE is the merger between inner and outer. It’s how you think but applied right now.

Inner game is you at home by yourself thinking about things. You’re reflecting, you’re doing some sort of affirmation or reading.

But that change is not happening with women in real time. In other words, you’re back in your bedroom trying to think yourself into being a certain way and then three days later you talk to a woman.

You need the inner and outer to be exercised at the same time. So you’re talking to the woman and you’re doing inner game and as you talk to women, your beliefs become stronger.


I’ve heard advice that says, well, you just go out and talk to more girls and you’ll get better at it.

That’s not necessarily true – if you’re getting negative feedback.


I’ve known guys that went out and were always approaching a lot of women and were actually getting worse with women because they were getting negative feedback over and over and over again.

Because of this they were developing really bad beliefs about themselves by talking to women in a way that didn’t lead to positive feedback.


There is a right and a wrong way to learn these things.

See, one thing about me that you have to understand is, I’m a teacher.

More specifically, I’m a success coach. Think of me as a personal trainer for your life.

I’m not just teaching you like a regular elementary school teacher does over the course of the year.

The lessons take forever and there’s no real hurry as long as you graduate the fifth grade or whatever.

As a professional success coach, my job is to accelerate your learning. I want to teach you this fast. I want you to learn things quickly.

A big part of learning is the feedback loop. You need to get positive feedback for good stuff. So as a teacher, I’ve always been really interested in how to create these positive feedback loops.

What i’ve found is that I:PA*CE naturally just does that. There’s nothing else that is better at creating positive feedback loops.

Now the positive feedback loop reinforces good behavior and good beliefs. In other words, it strengthens your outer game and your inner game simultaneously.

This can only work if you’re working on both at the same time. They can’t be disconnected.

If you’re talking to women, there’s inner game going on. There’s beliefs that are changing at that time or being reinforced.

You can’t not be doing inner game. You’re always doing inner game. But you need to do it in a way that creates a positive feedback loop so that you reinforce that good stuff and you speed up your learning process.


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