Thinking Too Much


For you to change your lifestyle, you need to change how you think. The best way to do this is with introspection. Thinking about who you are. You can achieve this by making adjustments in your behavior that become strong habits, and developing an overall framework within which you work. A bunch of techniques is not going to get you there. It needs to become innate. You are a guy who does these things naturally.

I’ve actually noticed that in my conversations with women, the higher the quantity of my thoughts, the less of a spark there is, and the less success I have.


I’ve had a lot of success by not thinking too much about any little thing. I can do that at this point because I have had the experience and developed the habits that are good for women such as touching escalation. It is second nature to me. I don’t have to think about it.


In the beginning, this is not going to be a useful mental strategy, but this is what you want to be working towards. You really want to stop thinking so much because a woman can tell if you are constantly, frantically trying to come up with things to say.


Think what message that sends her. Think about what that tells her about you, that you are really impressed by her, probably see her as above you. You put her on a pedestal, and you don’t think that you’re good enough. Maybe you’re really not as intelligent, charming and successful as you’re saying because you have to think so hard in order to convey those things. It just sends bad messages.

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