Women Aren’t Your Enemies

At work you could meet a guy who wants your job or wants to get the promotion you’re going for and so you’re in competition with him.

Or maybe a guy who doesn’t like you or wants to assert his status over you. With women there’s no competition, there’s only potential connection. That’s my attitude when I meet a woman. it’s almost like we’re already friends. And so I just play and joke around and talk as if we know each other already.

Sometimes we don’t have chemistry, so it doesn’t really work out but that’s okay because my attitude is not to get every single woman. My attitude is to screen for someone who’s right for me. Now, does that mean that I end up not sleeping with a lot of women that I could if I were trying to adapt a little more?

Yeah, probably, but I value my time and my attention in my life much more than I do some stranger. And also no particular women – at least at first – is that important to me because I have the ability to meet women all the time.

So it’s not like I’m only going to meet three women in my entire life and I have to make each one count. If it doesn’t work out with this particular girl, even if she’s the hottest girl in the bar – the hottest girl I’ve seen in a couple days, it’s okay because I can meet another woman.


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