Be an Artist

(I:PA*CE cultivates creativity)

Cultivates creativity – necessary in social situations, and the hallmark of elite operation. *8

– Drills teaching guys to copy me, theyd encounter situations unprepared – teaching tech vs. way of thinking (college – educated resonance) – fundamentals – give a man a fish vs. teach him to fish

I:PA*CE forces your best natural self to emerge.

The man who you want to be is who you really are.

I:PA*CE gives you a structure to eliminate deception within yourself and to others. It focuses your attention.

I:PA*CE forces you to be your best you. It cultivates creativity.

It’s an open system in the sense that it’s more of a template based on fundamental principles of a successful thinking process.

So it’s open enough for you to adapt and be creative. I’ve found that more important than knowing what to say is having the ability to be creative and improvise.

Most methods or systems out there are teaching men to be this specific seduction guy. They give you structured things to say regardless of the context you are in. Or worse, they try and get you to create that context.

“This is the right way to do this” actually holds you back because creativity is way more important. Way more valuable to success and elite performance.

This is especially true with women. I can’t imagine talking to a woman with a list of things to say. That doesn’t make any sense.

Try planning out a conversation with a person when you’re not with them. Then talk to that person and try to stick to your plan.

If you do stick to your plan, you’re going to come off really fucking weird. They’re going to get uncomfortable.

But it’s likely you won’t even be able to stick to your plan because you’re dealing with another human being that has a whole universe inside their head too.

Being creative with women is important because every woman is different.

There are principles like embrace that unite them, but every women needs to be approached as a unique person.

That doesn’t mean you’re starting from scratch. In fact, that means that’s actually going to accelerate you’re a ability to connect with her because what every other guy is doing is treating every women like they’re the same.

They’re treating them like they’re robots. Press this button and turn this knob, and she’ll have sex with you.

And what guys are trying to do is figure out the combination of buttons.

But if you approach her as a unique person, and actually explore her and get to know her, develop an awareness of her unique flavor of embrace; you’ll be able to make her feel like the woman she wants to be.

You’ll very quickly understand what makes her tick. Whereas if you come in with these preconceived notions and plans, you’re going to be blinded as to what makes her tick. Your assumptions are going to be wrong or inaccurate.

Whereas, if you just come in and ask her what makes her tick and pay attention. You’ll get much further a lot faster.

And women can feel this. Women can feel when a man sees them.

What do I mean when I say a man “sees” them? – women always talk about being seen. “I feel like when he looks at me, he sees me.”

What that means is, when you’re looking at her, you’re also focused on her mentally.

You’re not doing what those other guys are doing, looking at her but in your head thinking about what you’re going to say next to impress her.

Instead, you’re looking at her and trying to learn about her and understand her.

I:PA*CE forces you to cultivate creativity. Creativity is really important because different situations require you to adapt.

How often do you see a woman just standing at the bar by herself, looking cute, ready to meet a guy? It never happens. What you’ll see is 3 women dancing, moving around and talking to people.

You will see that here and there. But for the most part, when you see the woman you want to talk to – there’s a dynamic situation going on.

She’s passing you on the street. Maybe the next day you’re in the checkout line and there’s a hot woman in front of you.

It’s not a huge difference but you’re going to have to adapt. And if you come in with this preconceived script of what you’re going to say. You’re going to prevent your own progress.

You’re going to say: “Shit, that won’t work right now.”

Think about the most famous athletes. The highest achievers. Why are they on the highlight reel? Because when a crazy situation arose, they successfully adapted to it.

Michael Jordan. Jordan was the first guy on a consistent game-to-game basis, to jump up in the air, but then change his mind and do something different because of what the defenders did.

The going up, bringing it back down, putting it back up again or going under the rim and going coming out the other side. No one was doing that before.

Michael Jordan, he took the game like 20 years into the future because he was able to be creative when he needed to be.

In ehe Special Forces it’s the same. They are the highest echelon of military we have. Why is that? Because they have to think on their feet.

You send a team out with a specific objective. It’s always going to be a tough mission. You send these guys out because they can adapt and be creative and figure out a way to get it done.

That’s what makes them special.

In any context, what makes someone an elite operator is their ability to be creative. Think about great artists. Meeting women and connecting with women is an art.

Doing anything well is an art.

Beauty? Well it’s about being creative. It’s about expressing beauty creatively.

You can even think about those special ops guys as artists.


Military Operation is their canvas. Weapons are their paintbrush.

As morbid as it sounds, killing is an art.

This is the fundamental difference between I:PA*CE and any other method or system you’ll come across. Those methods will tell you what to say

I:PA*CE will show you how to think.

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