Approach Because You’re A Man

Start identifying yourself as a man who approaches women who he doesn’t know because you’re attracted to them.

Write that down and say that to yourself a lot. I’m just a guy that approaches women that I’m attracted to. The more comfortable you get with that, the easier it becomes. They sense that and you become more congruent with it

It’s just like when someone comes up to you and says something weird that you haven’t seen before, but they’re so comfortable with it that you just go along with it. That’s where you need to get to.


People freak out about the time window and they settle down because they want to have a kid or they want to start a family or their parents are pressuring them or they’re worried that they’ll never meet somebody better.

So they just settle down and that really comes from men not being able to meet the women that they really want or not being able to meet women all the time, whenever they want. When you can do that, that really ensures that your relationships are going to be very healthy and loving. There’s going to be a lot of chemistry.

You’re going to be on the same wavelength as far as where your lives are going. The women are going to be happier because they’re with a guy that they actually like. I would give the same advice to women except women don’t really approach men because they’re screening for leadership, and if they’re approaching the man, they can’t really screen for that.

So it’s kind of your job, but keep in mind this is going to make women happier. It’s going to make you happier. This is something that every guy should be able to do.


Really, you’re practicing something that our society does not encourage.

So you gotta go easy on yourself with the self talk – not getting too down on yourself but also, the more you can just make this your identity, the more comfortable you’ll be with it.


It’s just like someone who wants to go out and be a street musician. At first you might be really nervous playing your guitar on the sidewalk, then the more you do it, you become comfortable with it and eventually you’re just that guy who’s playing the guitar on the sidewalk.

Not to make it sound like you’re performing but it’s just you can do something that’s socially different. it’s atypical, but if you become comfortable with it – it’s okay, it becomes normal and you can do it every day.

Keep reminding yourself that. Start identifying yourself as a guy who fucks women and as a man who approaches women that he’s attracted to.

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