Attractive Body Language


A good portion of my clients are shorter than average. It’s no secret that women prefer taller men, but this does not have to stop you. I’ve taught many guys to pick up women taller than them!

It all comes down to having a strong physical presence by adjusting your posture and body movement. There is a lot of advice out there about how to have confident body language, but most of it is vague, or simply wrong. Here’s what really works (and as always, this is field-tested by myself, and clients I’ve taught).

Most guys move through the world accommodating everyone else. They don’t own their space, and move faster than is truly comfortable for them. Another major problem I see when guys approach women is their lack of effective eye contact.

It’s rare to see a woman standing still, waiting for a man to approach her. At a bar or club, women stand in groups, flanked by friends, or blocked by the bar. During the day, women are either walking or sitting, making it difficult to walk right up to them.

The problem with this is that the ideal way to approach a woman is by having her see you and lock eyes with you before you speak. In this article, I’ll teach you how to get a woman’s total attention – you become her entire world – without saying a word.

There are four easy ways to make your presence felt, and get her to think, “Who is this guy???”

1. Lead with your lower body. This is something you see with very sexual guys do, as well as professional fighters (e.g. UFC/MMA guys). Use your pelvis as your guiding point. Most men lead with their chest, arms, shoulders, or head. Stand up straight, push your pelvis forward, spread your legs to shoulder length, and lead with your dick!
2. Stay unprotected by exposing your front. Imagine opening the entire front of your body, exposing your whole body to her. Keep your arms relaxed at your sides. If she wanted to punch you in the gut, or kick you in the balls, you’d be totally vulnerable. This shows incredible confidence.
3. Smile with your eyes. This may sound strange, but most guys either smile with their mouths, or simply look apprehensive. Try sending a warm, loving message from your eyes into hers, the same way your eyes would light up if you saw a cute puppy.
4. Move slow. As you approach her, take your time. You are in your own world, and you’re about to bring her in. This shows that you move on YOUR schedule, and you have no fear of rejection. Ironically, fear of rejection makes it more likely, whereas being comfortable with rejection makes it less likely. Do this by walking up to her as if you know she wants you to.

No matter your size or body type, you can turn a woman on without saying a word. Of course, at some point you’ll have to talk, but when you have a great physical presence, whatever you say will sound confident and cool.

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