How to make a move without risking rejection

It was tough deciding whether to make this tip #1 or #2…

The reason why I picked this to be #2 is because it’s a technique with three steps, instead of just one (but it’s still super simple).

Once you make the big shift from trying to BE confident, to GIVING confidence to others…

The next step is to make your move in a way that she will NEVER reject.

I’ll show you how…

Not only will she not reject it, she will be excited that you made a move…

And will probably want to jump your bones as soon as you do!

Step 1:

As I mentioned in the last message, you’ll need to focus on asking questions that reveal her unique personality.

You’ll need to focus on asking questions that reveal her unique personality.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • “What are you most excited about in your life right now?”
  • “How would your best friend describe you?”
  • “What’s the hardest you’ve ever laughed?”
  • “What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?”
  • “What’s your favorite childhood memory?”

*Note: If she gives a short answer, simply follow up with, “Why” or “How come?”

Step 2:

You will APPRECIATE her response VERBALLY.


  • “You seem very ___. I like that. I’m the same way. I (now relate to what she said).”
  • “Wow. I’m impressed. You’re definitely more than a pretty face.”
  • “That’s so funny/cool/interesting. I like talking to you. I feel comfortable.”

Step 3:

AS YOU SAY THIS, gently touch her with the palm-side of your hand on her forearm, or lightly cup her elbow, just for a second. You can also touch her on her back.

This sets the tone for getting physical, and immediately prevents you from EVER going into the friend zone…while making her see you as a potential romantic partner.

Now I have a FOOL-PROOF sequence you will use to touch her to lead up to your first kiss. But not just a boring, goodnight kiss. I mean a passionate, movie-moment kiss where she will want you to carry her to the bedroom and ravish her.

But before I give you that sequence I need to give you one more tip about eye contact. See, you can use eye contact to spark a woman’s curiosity about you and get her to really focus on you, no matter who else is around.

Combined with the other tips, this makes you UNSTOPPABLE with just about any woman you meet. It’s a super-simple trick that I will teach you in the next article (I’ll shoot you another email alert so you know where to find it once it’s up).

Also, as we move forward, I want you to notice how simple everything I teach you is. All my material is based on fundamentals.

I believe if you are confused about what to do with women you’ve probably been given some BAD information. In fact most dating advice for guys is either

  • -Too vague to be useful
  • -Over-complicated
  • -Completely unnecessary
  • -Or just flat out WRONG

I have a few more tips for you, to get you more action with women than you’ve ever had before…and probably more than you ever thought was possible for a single guy!

So stay tuned –

in the next email we’ll cover my eye contact trick you will use to lock a woman’s attention on you.

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