Podcast 001: How To Know If She Wants Sex Tonight

This is part 1 of an long and powerful in-depth conversation I had with my good friend and fellow dating coach Chris Orleans.

His specialty is approaching women and creating massive tension right away, and then getting physical very fast.

Chris breaks down his method for meeting and sleeping with women EXTREMELY FAST… like, “within 5 minutes” fast.

Now most guys think this is impossible to do, unless you happen to get really lucky and meet a girl who’s basically “begging for it” that night.

BUT… if you know what you’re doing, you can consistently pull women from the bar, club or even off the street.

For years, Chris and I have taught men of all ages and backgrounds how to do just that. And over the years I’ve seen men make the same mistakes, over and over.

Chris breaks down HIS method for making a girl horny, ready, and willing to get it on. The thing is, this guy is REALLY SHORT, small-framed, and not particularly good-looking (sorry Chris) BUT women always tell him he’s “hot.”

That’s because he makes THEM feel hot. And he goes deep into how he does it, with tons of hilarious, wild examples to show you “what’s possible with women.”

(I think Chris is the only guy who makes women wet with the word “dumpster.”)

Here’s what else you’ll learn:

> How to fix your face, tone, and posture so that women see you as “hookup material” rather than just another desperate chump. (If Chris overcame his small stature to get girls “eye-f*cking”).

> 2 ways to tell when a woman is hungry for your “you-know-what” so that you don’t waste time talking (or blowing money on unnecessary   dates).

> How your fear of approaching super-hot women can actually put you “in the zone” with Chris’ simple mindset-shift. (Most guys hesitate because they feel nervous with women… but this little mind-hack will calm you down, zoom you in, and get you talking to girls everywhere, all the time).

> A step-by-step blueprint for building a roster of smoking-hot women who want to spend their nights with you. (Once you get 1-2 of these girls, it’s super easy to get 5 more on your “roster).

> It’s absolutely crucial that you make your move within the “Time Window” when she will go home with you. (If you miss this window, there’s a good chance it will never open again for you…but probably will for the next guy, since she’s already turned on)

> The “No-Strings Sex Signals” to look for from women who are already in a relationship. (The hard truth is many women are unhappy with their men, and looking to cheat… if they meet the right kind of guy). USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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