Podcast 002: Maximize Your Confidence To Make Women Melt When They Meet You

My interview with Chris Orleans continues (this was an incredible conversation)…

Every guy knows that a woman’s friends and family will try to stop her from hooking up with you… which is why Chris has created his verbal Jiu Jitsu tactics to use her friend’s c*ck-blocking to make her want your c*ck even more!

Alpha Males have supreme confidence because they do something better than everyone else, or they have MORE of something than all the other guys… Well what if you were better at pleasuring women, than any man she’s ever met? Chris and I explain how to be the Alpha Male with women, even if you’re short, broke, or shy.

When a woman meets a man, she instantly puts him in the “friend-zone” (95% of males) or the “sex zone” (5% of males). The secret to “Guaranteed Sex” Zone is making her think about how amazing you’ll make her feel in the bedroom, without bragging or sounding sleazy…

How to use a technique called Messaging to bypass her critical “serious” over-thinking side, and trigger her emotions. (Women communicate through emotion, which are 90% perceived through body language, non-verbally…so if you can’t do this, you’re just…talking…and not CONNECTING.)

Most men put beautiful women on a mental “pedestal” but this is literally the worst thing you can possibly do if you want to bang her. Chris and I breakdown how to knock her OFF her pedestal, and make her be real, authentic, and humble with you… WITHOUT insults disguised as “game.”

How to get her to bang in public. ‘Nuff said.

One thing before we get started – currently I’m giving away shocking interview with Maria, who’s a gorgeous girl I used to date and we’ve stayed friends over the years.

And if you like getting head, then you’re gonna love this interview, because we go over exactly what I did to make her addicted to going down on me, how the techniques worked on her, and how you can make any girl LOVE giving you head whenever you want.

Just go to Gobeyonddating.com/Maria to download the interview.

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