Podcast 003: How to Get Women Chasing You For Sex

Hey this is the GoBeyondTheGame podcast back with part 3 of my talk with Chris Orleans.

In this episode he gets into some of the more subtle aspects of meeting and dating women…

All the time maintaining the primary focus of f*cking FAST…

Here’s what we cover in this portion:

How to screen out psycho chicks. (This strategy is crucial if you want a girlfriend).

Why women flake on meeting up. (and how to get a girl to chase you for a date)

How to set up your place so that sex is the natural outcome of the evening by simply adjusting your furniture. (You’ll be shocked at how easily women will get it on when you make it smooth and easy)
How to never miss an opportunity (17:00)

What it REALLY means when a woman touches her legs or ankles… yes it means she wants sex, but… she needs something else from you first to seal the deal.

Why you need to make yourself the MVP in the relationship once you start dating a girl, and how to make her worship you instead of working overtime to make her happy. (The trick to keeping your girlfriend or wife satisfied is to keep her focused on satisfying YOU!)

How to avoid the “pickup artist trap” where your GAME only gets you women who rank 7/10 at best. (The hottest women can smell weak game like cheap cologne. That’s why my system is so much more effective – there’s no ‘faking’ involved)

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