Podcast 005: How to Attract The Hottest Women Part 1


I talk with my former student, Adam, about 9’s and 10’s – and how to tweak your mindset to BOOST your ability to smash these women right and left…


We also explore how your definition of dating and relationships can undermine EVERYTHING you do when it comes to women (texting, dating, sex) – listen and discover which definitions will get you beyond the traditional dating paradigms and into a woman’s pussy!


Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • Most guys don’t know that chasing after a “relationship” with women can DESTROY your chances at getting a ‘Friend With Benefits’ ‘Blow Job Queen’ ‘Girlfriend’ or ‘Wife’ …and I show you exactly how to bypass this way of thinking with a SIMPLE mind hack.
  • How to take off the ‘blindfold’ so you can see what really makes a woman a ‘10’ (this will save you time, money, frustration, and mental effort over choosing ‘the wrong girl.’  In the end, you’ll be happy and sexually satisfied with the women you allow into your life….and your bedroom)


  • The SECRET to attracting ‘the hottest women.’


  • Why being “outcome oriented” kills your chances at meeting and connecting and having sex with the most beautiful girls (And what you should focus on instead that will give you a ‘bad boy’ vibe.)


  • How to defeat approach anxiety when other guys are watching (this technique will get you SO MUCH PUSSY so easily it’ll be just like ‘shooting fish in a barrel.’)


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