Podcast 006: How To Attract The Hottest Women Part 2

My conversation with Adam continues…on how to be sexual with girls.  Pop culture and movies plague men – and women – with ideas that undermine their own natural ability to connect.  In this podcast, I give you ‘the red pill’ so you can see through the matrix and get all those girls you’ve been missing out on!


Touch or kiss a girl the wrong way, and YOU’RE OUT. Listen as I tell you how to touch and how to kiss girls in a way that makes them HORNY for YOU. You won’t have to worry about rejection EVER again…


Don’t get left out!


Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • The ‘not so obvious’ mistake that KILLS sexual tension (even if she’s into you, this ONE MISTAKE will dry up her pussy, and she’ll stop texting and calling you for good.)


  • How to ‘make a move’ on a girl.  WHEN do I touch her?  HOW do I kiss her? I give you my SIMPLE system for knowing EXACTLY when to touch her, and how to touch her (once you do this, she’ll be like puddy in your hands…escalating to the bedroom will be ‘easy as pie’ and she’ll be clamoring to get in YOUR pants!).


  • How to fix the ‘flaw’ in your personality that makes women flake.  (Even successful businessmen and entrepreneurs suffer from this – without even knowing it!  Learn the simple way to erase this ‘defect’ so every relationship you have with a woman is sexual).


  • The best places to meet hot ‘gym girls’ …and how to start a conversation without being sleazy – ‘guaranteeing’ your chances at sleeping with them.


  • What’s the best way to build chemistry and ignite that elusive ‘sexual spark’ with a beautiful woman?  The method is almost too easy – just one tiny tweak to your conversational habits and boom!  Sparks will fly!


  • “I’m not good enough.”  “I’m ugly.”  Thoughts like these will NEVER hold you back from approaching hot women, when you use my easy-to-follow Leadership System that can turn you into a ‘Male 10.’

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