Podcast 008: Top Secret Hacks To Escape The Friend Zone

In my final chat with Adam, we talk about the dreaded ‘friend zone,’ which is really the ‘nothing zone,’ and why chasing after a “relationship” is bad (and exactly what women REALLY want.)  Even if you want a girlfriend or a beautiful wife, you need to do some things FIRST, or else she’ll only wanna be your friend…or worse, she’ll disappear for good.


Women love guys who are smart… but sometimes your brain can get in the way of sex.  We talk about how to ‘turn off’ your analytical critical side, and turn on your sexual side – without coming off as just another ‘horny guy.’


A lot of guys struggle with texting – what to say, how to keep her interested, and how to be sexual.  This makes girls ‘go cold’ FAST…and leaves you feeling hurt and alone… But I give you some hacks that let you ‘decode’ her sex signals so that you can to turn her on… and also some tips to make her wanna come over and rip your clothes off!


You don’t wanna miss this!


Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • If you want to have sex with a woman, this is THE WORST mistake you can make (if you do this, it guarantees you’ll NEVER have the chance at sleeping with her EVER again.)


  • What to talk about with a girl through texting that makes her horny (this is so simple you can even be talking about your job!)


  • High Octane Texting Tactics that turn her on fast!  (this is so powerful, you can use it to ‘reignite the fire’ even if she’s gone cold or ‘disappeared.’)


  • What to avoid talking about with women (if you’re doing this, you’re making girls’ vagina’s as dry as the Sahara.  They will never return your calls or texts.)


  • Do women get ‘turned on’ by guys who try to be their boyfriend?  They might be looking for something else ENTIRELY… Listen as I tell you what to put your focus on INSTEAD that will ‘drive her wild’ with desire.


  • Why thinking with your brain can do you more harm than good (and what you should be ‘thinking with’ instead that drives her crazy with sexual thoughts, and makes dating and sleeping with her almost TOO easy!)


  • Having trouble texting girls and keeping them interested?  I show you how to translate “girl code” (this is ‘the key’ to understanding when women wants sex.  Use this, and watch as girls practically ‘throw themselves’ at you!)


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