The Trick To Make Any Girl ‘Come Back’ To You For Sex

If you like seeing girls casually, or you WANT to see girls casually, then you’re gonna LOVE this (you need these basic principles or else you’ll FAIL miserably at being a ‘player.’)


When you sleep with a woman, she might start ‘seeing’ another guy – even bringing him to a party, knowing full-well you’ll be there!  What should you say? The awkward feelings can be debilitating. …And what if you wanna sleep with her again?


You’ll NEVER have to worry about this happening to you after you watch this vid, I go into all the details as to why women do this, and EXACTLY how you can ‘keep your cool.’  Sometimes women are just trying to make you jealous, but I give you some tools to figure out what the hell is really going on in her head.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • If she shows up with another guy, should you ‘be confident’?  …or ‘act cool?’ Most guys don’t know what to do or just freak out.  Use my easy-to-implement ‘mindhack’ so that you never have to worry about her seeing other guys (it saves you the pain, frustration, and mental energy that you would use trying to ‘figure it all’ out on your own.)


  • There’s no reason why you can’t ‘steal her’ back from the other guy so you can enjoy the sex all over again, and I give you a simple trick on EXACTLY how to do that (this makes the ‘other guy’ look needy, and makes YOU look like ‘the man’ who’s in control.)


  • What does it mean if she doesn’t text you back after sex?  I give you the ‘down and dirty’ secret on WHY you don’t have to worry about her seeing other guys.  Do this instead, or else she’ll think you’re bad in bed (and best of all, it prevents you from looking ‘needy’ and puts her at ease so that sex is more likely to happen again!  Don’t text her until you see this!)

How much time have you spent wondering, ‘Does she like me?’  I have a simple tool that gives you the answer! Never get ‘left out in the cold’ wondering if she likes you, use this instead so you can see when she’s having ‘sexy thoughts’ about you!

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