Better Than a Movie

We were supposed to go to a movie, but when she came to the door, I pulled her close, and she felt so good in my arms, so small and soft and warm…I held her for a very long time.

I felt myself growing for her and I decided I would do something honest, what I really wanted to do. I guided her to the couch and asked if she wanted a drink. She said water was fine.

We sat and talked…and kissed…I stroked her delicate little arms, and she rubbed my chest…

I took her cup from her and set it down on the table and looked at her with a smile letting her know how beautiful I thought she was without saying anything. I slowly leaned back, unzipped my pants, pulled myself out and let it rest over my jeans.

Her jaw dropped and said “UMMM Brian!!!”

I slowly took her hand and put it on my cock. “I want to feel your little hands on me. That feels good.”

“But we’re supposed to go to a movie…”

“I’d rather talk to you like this. We can go to a later show if we miss this one. So how was your day?”

We talked as she played with me. At first she couldn’t concentrate, but after a couple minutes, she relaxed and we just looked into each others eyes, talking like lovers, slow, relaxed, joking, kissing between words…

All the while her hand went on autopilot, naturally gliding over my length, squeezing to feel my thickness, sometimes gesturing onto my cock when she was making a point or talking. It became a channel of communication.

I remember she was talking about how hectic her job was, and at the same time gripping me and moving me back and forth as she was talking about running back and forth at work. I loved that. I laughed, and she laughed and I kissed her and pulled her even closer.

The time came when we’d have to leave for the movie or miss it. Although I would’ve had sex with her right then, I felt there was absolutely no rush, and that we could go, and then come back and do what we felt later. I suggested this, and she said… “Oh no…This is Soooooo much better than a movie.” She leaned over, and gave me little loving kisses all over my hardness.

A couple minutes later I carried her to my room and laid her down. We didn’t see a movie, but we got some carry out and a bottle of wine around midnight. We came back to relax, eat, drink, and continue to explore each others’ bodies.

This was such a good “date” that I decided this would be my direction from then on. It felt so natural, so relaxing, and the sex was sooooo good because our chemistry was so “on.” It felt like we were riding the same wave

I knew I was onto something. I had reached a level of connection with women, by reaching a level of comfort within myself. I had become aligned with my sexuality – my cock was no longer something I hid, pretended was not there, something I had to sneak into women by distracting them with small talk, buying food, going to movies.

I think men and women are uncomfortable being sexual with the opposite sex, especially when they are attracted to that person. Ironically, sex is the very thing that created us, and brought us together. When practiced responsibility, it’s God’s Gift to us. I’m truly God’s Gift to a woman, as she is to me.

Because of this discomfort, we use excuses to hang out – like going to a movie, watching TV, etc. The most honest thing we could do together would be to just lay in bed, or on the grass, and talk, touch each other, kiss each other. It’s only after we’ve had sex that we are able to say “Come over so I can kiss your naked body.”

After sex, we are comfortable, and the “cat’s out of the bag” so to speak. But often sex takes longer than either party really wants, and there’s so much discomfort, confusion, and game playing leading up to it (not always, but more often than not I’d say).

For me now, sex creates comfort. Until a woman accepts and embraces my body, and appreciates my hardness as not me being “horny,” but being specifically inspired by her, I don’t feel comfortable with her. I can only relax when I know that she knows THIS IS FOR HER. Because that’s what it really means for me. When a woman can’t see that, I feel like she’s not seeing me. She’s not seeing my core nature – my passion, my love, my masculinity – and the physical symbol of that.

Sex is the way to comfort, because it requires us to trust each other, to let go, to be patient, considerate, attentive.

But women have a dimension of anxiety that men don’t have. So I’ve found the best thing to do is let her be in control, let her touch me. I’ve done this more and more as I’ve gotten older and more comfortable with my body and my sexuality. To me, it’s normal to take it out with a girl when we are alone together. I usually joke about it so she dares me, or I say something to spark her curiousity…sometimes I just tell her she turns me on and then show her.

I wasn’t always like this. I was very shy with girls, and even in college, chickend out when women would make advances on me.

I think so much differently now, so much more aligned with my core – my Direction. And I’ve developed some wonderful, long-lasting friendships with women, FROM DOING THIS. I’ve had many female friends that would suck me dick when we hung out, just like having a beer with a friend. It was/is “our thing” – a way to bond and communicate, something to do together, a way to relax and be together without pretense. I’ve had many women treat me like a human popsicle, stopping by on their way home from work, to get their fix, feel a man’s power, and wind down after a long day.

I think a lot of this fixation came from the rush of feeling in control of a strong man, making me twitch and groan. The naughty smile women when they get me in just the right spot to make my leg twitch gives her away. I think another part of it is looking into my eyes, my body at her whim, and seeing how beautiful I think she is. Nothing is more feminine and beautiful than a woman on her knees, taking care of a man.

I caress her head and hair to let her know I’m here with her, that she’s safe, and appreciated. I talk to her, let her know how beautiful she is, and how much fun I have with her, as she strokes and plays with her toy.

She gets more and more comfortable with this special part of my body – the part that I penetrate her with, the part that brings her the deepest pleasure…

It’s the part I want her to like the most! The part of me that can touch her deepest, because of it’s meaning:

If I penetrate into her body with passion, I am also touching her heart.

My throbbing hardness is a symbol of how excited she makes me. Really it’s a symbol of her – a gauge of her feminity. The more feminine, she is, the harder I am. When she feels that, she knows how much of a woman she is.

If I’m really being honest, the first thing I want to do with a woman, and what I think about MOST when I hang out with a woman is her wrapping her soft, sexy lips around me, sucking me to inspiring my power, while nurturing my vulnerability. She wants to see me powerful, while revealing my humanity. She wants to see my hidden vulnerability, so she can nurture me.

Passion, vulnerability, and power…This is my nature: Thrust. To inspire, nurture, and surrender to it is her nature – Embrace.

She is born with this knowledge of what a man can do to her. She knows she is made to be penetrated. She feels Embrace, as you feel Thrust, in every moment.

You’re cock is the movie. When she’s ready to surrender, it has so much more meaning, so much more anticipation built up…and because she’s so comfortable with you, she feels safe letting go.

It’s in surrender that a woman can be filled, fully satisfied, and free to express her true nature, Embrace. When I penetrate her body, she is deeply relaxed, yet incredibly aroused, and can surrender fully to my Thrust because she trusts it. She trusts it because she believes it…she can feel it, from the moment our eyes meet.

A word of caution: this is a true story, but it’s only meant to illustrate principles and show you what’s possible. I advise you already feel a very sexual connection with a woman before you pull your cock out on her. You should sense that she is ready for something as bold and direct as that. Never rush sex, but also, strive to reduce hesitation and self-doubt in your sex life.

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