Men treat women as enemies, opponents to be conquered, defeated, used. Sex is victory. Rejection, defeat.

He wants her body, in spite of her mind. He tries to sneak inside of her.

He tricks her, lies to her, pressures her, abandons her.

Guilt trips, empty promises, sly maneuvers.

He pretends to be a different man.

How could sex make us enemies? How could it do anything but bring us closer? How has Our connection become so distorted and undermined?

Sex requires Us to be vulnerable, so we must trust each other.

Sex IS direct, pure, uncensored communication, our emotions manifested physically.

Sex brings us closer, as we work together to make each other feel good, to show each other we are wonderful.

Sex is a celebration of Life. The light behind my eyes is the light behind hers.

When fear  – the illusion of separation – is gone, expression, appreciation, all the Focalities activate. Our enjoyment of each other unites Us.

We see The Life in each other, and know it in ourselves.

What else is friendship?

Lasting, loving, passionate relationships are truly friendships – ask any happy couple.

Until you can be friends with the women you sleep with, you will struggle.

When you can befriend women THROUGH sex, you will excel, connecting effortlessly with them.

The “friendzone” is a misnomer. Friendship requires respect. To be friendzoned means she doesn’t respect you. “Nothing zone” describes it better.

Why doesn’t she respect you? Because she knows you’re lying. You want sex, but you’re afraid. So not only are you a liar, but you are a coward. And probably bad in bed, if you’re so scared to put your balls on the table.

I’m a friend to the women I sleep with, and to many more that I don’t and never will sleep with. Women are human beings, and they are made to excite, help, and Embrace you.

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