Her Hidden Desire

If only I knew then what I know now.

Women hide themselves from men.

They have to for fear of being judged, or used and abandoned.

What you want to make her feel, she wants to feel.

What you want to give, she wants experience.

It took me so long, so many times they had to say it until I believed, until I could see.

She wants to feel my hands, my lips, my voice, my cock, and my desire to fuck them.

They love how I think and move. My naked masuclinity turns Her on.

She wants me to do what I want to do: to smell her, to touch her, to squeeze her, to caress her, to taste her, to fill her, to carry her away and ravish her.

Under my superficial compensations and imaginary ribbons, I’m a man.


































































Knowing how sexual and wild women really are make you incredibly confident with women. When she knows you know, she feels safe being WHO SHE REALLY IS. That’s why Safety is the Second Gate of Control.

Think of the confidence you’d have, approaching a beautiful woman, knowing that soon she’ll be saying wild things like this. Be the context for her to be free, wild, naughty…

Through your encouragement, the flame that simmers within her can build to a raging fire. 

Women don’t always want you to take them out. Sometimes, they just want you to take IT out…The key is to know the difference, because women usually won’t spell it out for you. You have to SEEK the Primal Woman, for Her to reveal Herself. Start with seeking the Primal Man within. This is the meaning of Thrust (the T in ACT).

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