Your Gift

“A gift and a curse.”

When we think we have a gift, or are “gifted” we feel pressure.

“Am I using my Gift to my potential. Am I wasting my Gift? How can I use my talents to improve my life?”

The presumption is that your Gift was given to you, and is FOR you.

It is FROM you, FOR others.

Give it away.

To women, your Gift is your desire – your passionate appreciation of her mind and body, her Dance.

My Nature extends through my body. My cock symbolizes my passion for life. To a man, a woman is a microcosm of the Universe. I grow hard FOR Her, the same way I get excited about my career, my workout, my hobbies.

My passion comes from my core Nature. Thrust.

This is what I give her. I show off, show her who I am, what I’m made of…I make her feel my power, which is my Love.

I penetrate and fill her, as much as she can take, maybe a little more.

I grab her, pick her up and lay her down, growl under my breath as I split her open.

The shocked smile becomes a naughty grin Her eyes flash wide open.  I grow harder, and push deeper.

A little pain and fear – she is exhilarated.

I give her all my passion, up into her soft little body, waves of pleasure so strong I can almost see them. She feels what I want her to feel…

A Man.

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