Fear of a Woman

Love is your power.

Fear is the illusion of weakness, imperfection, loss.

What you fear is not out there, but inside you. You create the illusions that make you fear.

Look inside.

What are you afraid of? What scares you about women?

How does She scare you?

What are you afraid She will find out about you?

What do you “hate” about Her?

What rules and judgements have you created for how she “should” be?

Maybe she has fucked other men, and enjoyed it. Does that scare you? Why? How does that diminish you?

How much of your fear has to do with other men winning over you?

Do you feel left out of the party?

Slut, bitch, whore, crazy, cunt, gold-digger, piece, tail

The labels, judgements, and criticisms laid on women by men point to Man’s fear of Woman.

Man’s fear is that he is not good enough.

He senses the fire, the universe, the dance, just under the surface, contained and hidden by necessity.

Given the chance, she’ll erupt. Can you handle that?

I want her to be free, to express her wild, sexual nature. If I want to reap the benefits of her sexuality, I must accept and encourage it fully. Anything less diminishes her humanity.

See her as fully human, like you.

If she passes me up for other men, I look at myself, instead of calling her a slut, or criticizing her choices (“Women are shallow, they only want money/jerks/tall guys/muscle-bound guys/whatever”

Was my Fear a factor? Did I succumb to my Fear rather than Thrust fully? Did she feel she couldn’t be free with me? Did she feel protected physically, supported emotionally, tempted sexually?

Take responsibility. Women can’t hurt you or diminish You. Your weakness is in your head. Fear is illusory.

With great power comes great responsibility…BUT…

With great responsibility comes great power.  

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