Sports, video games, fighting, money, success, teaching, competing, winning, teaching, building, destroying…fucking.

You are always trying to Impact the world, and people – especially women.

When you feel you cannot, when you feel you aren’t making an impact, you feel impotent. This could happen when you are not challenged at work, or when you hit a plateau on your bench press.

This is why you feel frustrated when when you see a beautiful woman…and do nothing.

It’s your nature to Thrust. You feel proud when you know you are making an impact.

Boys like to build structures with legos, and smash them down.

Men like to build businesses, wealth, skillsets.

When I hear Her moan as I push myself deeply into her body, I know I’m Impacting her.

When I hear Her pant as I Thrust harder and faster, I know she feels me.

When I hear her gasp and squeal as I enter her soft, tight opening, I know how I relate to her.

I impact her with my passion, my Love, which is my power. I was born to do this.

I am Thrust.

Impact is the Third Level, where my Core Nature – my Soul, my Essence – touches the world, touches Her.

She chokes on me. She cums as she rides me. Her eyes light up when she looks down and sees the bulge in my pants. She sighs when I put my arm around her and kiss the top of her head. She smiles excitedly when I tell her I thought of her. She glows when I look at her, telling her with my eyes what I feel in my Heart.

She cannot detract from me. She can only feel what I give, what I send, what I put forth. Her response is a reflection – her Embrace. Her Embrace will always reflect as a perfect compliment to the degree of my fullness.

The impact I make depends on the fullness of my Thrust – my inner Resonance. She won’t resonate with me if I don’t resonate with myself.

Impact is when my soul meets hers.

My choices ripple infinitely outward.

My actions touch the world, no matter how small.

I’m always thrusting, always impacting, consciously or unconsciously.

You are always fucking, so do it with passionate abandon.

Give the world all you’ve got.

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