Dissonance and Resonance

I use a resonance-dissonance model for emotion.

Neuroscientists have made a lot of progress explaining emotion chemically, but I’ve found the resonance/dissonance model is extremely practical for improving oneself sense of well-being.

Emotion is a vibration, a chord made by the Three levels of being. Sometimes this chord is harmonic, sometimes discordant, usually somewhere in between.

This chord becomes discordant when I’m misaligned – my direction, focality, and message are not flowing in a straight, direct line. This misalignment creates dissonance – a dissonant vibration in my body.

Aligned, my levels resonate. I feel energized and powerful. My words and actions are bold and efficient.

Dissonance is the result of Deception – first of oneself, then of others.

The First Lie is that you are not good enough, and that you must change to be “OK.”

The Second Lie is telling others you are someone different than you believe yourself to be.

Think of cognitive dissonance, and how we justify and rationalize to reduce it. The pain of being misaligned, of lying to oneself and to others, can be so great that you want to escape your body. This is when we distract ourselves – with TV, porn, alcohol and other drugs, etc.

Deception is the 6th Focality – it is the block in the way to success with women.

You are already using the other Focalities, as well as the 6th. Deception is what stunts your progress. If you are Deceiving yourself or others, you are succumbing to fear, rather than facing it.

When we resist dissonance, we use deception. We lie to ourselves, trick our bodies with drugs for a temporary escape.

When I feel bad about my intention with a woman, I try to deceive her.

Maybe I act more mach or “cool” than normal. Maybe I avoid showing my sexuality and play it safe. Maybe I brag and exaggerate my accomplishments. Maybe I use a routine or script I read on a seduction forum, or a line to make her think I am witty.

Resistance to your nature – Misaligning your animal and spirit – t makes you feel dissonance. To resolve dissonance, you can do two things:
1. Deception: drugs, lying to yourself, distraction, lying to women
2. Stop resisting whatever you don’t like. Face it, accept it, decide on the courageous path through Fear, and Act.

The double meaning of ACT Leadership System is that nothing happens without action. Everything I teach requires action, but also makes action easier, and more effective in terms of real world results.

When you resonate within, others resonate with you. They feel your music. You remind them of the truth – the moment is perfect, there can only be now, and we are OK.

People want truth. Embody it and they will follow you, hopefully they will come to embody it themselves.

What are you fighting inside yourself?

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