Distraction and Conflict

To manipulate a person, or a country, keep them in conflict.

Conflict within yourself distracts you from your purpose, from impacting the world with your passion.

Conflict blinds us to greater threats.

Political squabbles blind us to corruption in the foundations of the system, and to the real players behind the scenes.

Religious conflict blinds us to the universal problems of poverty, pollution, and violence.

While we bicker and try to manipulate each other, someone else profits.

The “battle of the sexes” is the most trivial, yet most distracting.

When you can be a friend to women, without letting them control you or deplete your energy, you will see the bigger picture.

The real Fight is exposed.

Let her help you on your path. She already wants to. Men never think to do this. They assume women are selfish. WOmen become selfish because they have never been asked to contribute, to nurture.

What would you change about your life, if you no longer had to worry about connecting with women?

What if getting laid, getting a girlfriend, getting admiration for your sexual prowess, was no longer on your mental radar?

In what ways do you think women are against what you want? Could you be wrong?

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