I should be different
I don’t like how she responded
I don’t want this
I’m not like that
Bad, no, wrong, don’t
If only things were different…

What a tiring battle.

What DO you want? What do you like? What do you desire? Who do you want to be?

Think only of that and say, “This is me, this is who I am.”

Positive thinking is not telling yourself life is great.

Positive thinking means seeing only what you want, ignoring what you don’t. Positivistic thinking is more accurate.

Look for evidence in your past that supports your ability to get what you want. What small success have you already had that indicates potential for greater success in the future?

Talk, move and most importantly, think as the man you want to be. What does he see? Where does his attention go when he sees a beautiful woman? Do that now.

You will screw this up. Don’t fight that. Don’t say “Oh I’ll never get it, I can’t do this.”

Accept that you lost your focus, that you strayed from your vision. “Yup, I lost it again. Regroup.”

And then try again.

Success is the result of many failures.

Resistance prevents you from failing enough to succeed.

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