“I need your help.”

I was a senior in high school, at a house party talking to my friend’s older sister. She told me these four words were the most powerful words you could say to a woman.

13 years later, I get it.

Opposed, we fight, lie, and our attention is distracted, our energy depleted.

Together, we are strong, greater than the sum of our parts.

What bonds a man and a woman, over time, is the direction they move towards. They are a team – a life-team. A team requires contribution from all parties.

Let Her help you.

Has a woman ever taught you anything? Everyone has something to teach you.

Instead of competing with her with frame games, or trying to assert higher value, encourage her to show her true self – her thoughts and feelings, and see if you can learn from her.

When she sees you want to be intimate with her because of who she is as a person, she will feel safe surrendering to you, because she knows you won’t abandon her after you have an orgasm.

Women need to nurture. The motherly instinct is there even as a toddler.

Women thrive interdependently, when they know they are wanted, needed, appreciated, and have helped another.

(My opinion on selfish women, money-chasers, is that they have never been encouraged, or expected, to care for a man. Or maybe they did and he took advantage, so her gold-digging is a reactionary self-protection mechanism.

More common, men assume women are gold-diggers, and treat them as such, so SOME women just go along with it. Men create gold-diggers by flaunting money to get sex, and never guiding the woman to express her Nurturing side).

The fastest way to a woman’s heart is by giving her a chance to help you in her own unique way.

This applies sexually.

Encourage and teach her to touch you, massage you, lick and suck you.

Your body is perfectly made for her to express herself as a woman. Your sore, overworked muscles, the stress and tension you take on at work, the mental walls you build to stay strong and not buckle…she can ease and relax you, excite you and cheer you up.

She wants to!

Give her the opportunity to feel feminine, by letting her nurture you.

Imagine being on a soccer team, but sitting the bench. You know you would excel if you got in the game, but the coach doesn’t think you’re ready.

Sure, it’s safe on the bench, maybe you can keep your warm-up gear on and joke with your teammates. But you want to get in the game and play, risk getting hurt, muddy, tired.

Let her PLAY.

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