All you have is your time.

How many years, days, seconds will you be here?

There’s no way to know. All you know that you have is this moment.

Imagine, at birth, it was predetermined how much money you would get in your lifetime. Each person was allotted a different, random amount.

This amount was kept secret from you, and if it ran out, that was it.

How would you spend your money? How would you think differently before spending? Maybe you’d spend as you wanted, throwing caution to the wind. After all, it why waste your life being overly cautious. Or maybe you would be extremely cautious, so you didn’t run out before you died.

Either way, you would see each cent as invaluable.

The analogy is not perfect. My point is that you should treat your time as it is – infinitely valuable, an incomprehensible blessing.

And you should expect others to treat it this way to. Do not spend your time on someone who does not value it. Also, value others’ time and attention. Every connection is a blessing in your life.

Seen this way – your time is always a gift you give. Never feel you have are competing for value with another. Each person’s time is all they have, thus infinitely valuable.

Never put another above you. Your attention is a gift. Your time is all you have. It is infinitely valuable. Remember this the next time you talk to a beautiful woman.

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