“First you do the thing you are scared of, then you get the courage. Not the other way around. That’s just how it works.” – Archie Gates, Three Kings

I you aren’t scared, you aren’t making progress. You aren’t breaking through your own walls, conquering your illusory limits.

Beyond your comfort zone, at your edge, you become better acquainted with your true Nature.

There is no room for room for self-Deception, and no time for complacency.

Only Thrust, now.

My highest expression is courage.

Courage is loving action, in spite of fear.

The most loving thing you can do is free another.

Liberation requires action.

Nice thoughts do nothing. Action makes Love real.

Loving action, through fear.

Free others, by inspiring them to enact their highest vision.

Who does She want to be? See Her. She is Embrace. Penetrate her, move her, inspire her as she has inspired you.

Show others what’s possible. See it for yourself first.

What is love without action? A thought.

What is action without fear? A gesture.

Thrust boldly, fully, from your soul.

If you are afraid to approach Her, She is an opportunity to become a better man.

Courage over outcome.

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