25 Ways To Disrespect a Woman

  1. Deny and ridicule her sexuality.
  2. Ignore her sexuality and treat her like a child.
  3. Give her 2 options: Madonna, or whore.
  4. Tell her that her desires are bad.
  5. Put her on a pedestal and supplicate to her, so she feels alienated and objectified.
  6. Make rules for what she can do with her body.
  7. Insult everyone’s intelligence by saying these rules came from God.
  8. Pressure her to have sex, then tell your friends she is a slut.
  9. Stop talking to her once you get what you wanted.
  10. Expect her to look like a painted doll.
  11. Hold her social behavior to the standards of a child.
  12. Avoid her because she is smart.
  13. Lie to her about caring about her, or having a future together.
  14. Make up elaborate ways to make her think you are cooler than you are.
  15. Employ methods analogous to pressing a sequence of buttons on a robot to make it do what you want.
  16. Hide your passion for her, pretending you want to be her friend.
  17. Pretend you are her boyfriend, when you only want sex.
  18. Pressure her to have sex while ignoring her discomfort.
  19. Assume she is stupid and can’t tell you are full shit.
  20. Assume she’s a gold-digger.
  21. Assume she wants a boyfriend, or needs a man to feel happy.
  22. Pretend she has hurt you if you don’t get your way.
  23. Whine about “femi-nazis” taking over society. If you do this, you sound like a child.
  24. Don’t try to kiss her, touch her, or fuck her when she is alone with you and clearly likes you, because you are scared she’ll say no.
  25. Avoid approaching her because she “probably has a boyfriend” depriving a possibly lonely woman of a great experience with you.

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