Sexual Questions to Ask a Girl

Get personal

I’m going to keep this article simple. It’s about asking personal questions to women, for a romantic intention. You see, most guys ask a series of boring-ass questions hoping that at some point, the women will just drop her panties and have sex. How many questions do you have to ask before this happens? Infinity.

Here’s how you really do it. You need to ask questions that get women talking about themselves. When she does this, you can escalate (by touching her or inviting her to hang out with you) as a reward. This timing, her effort-your reward, creates the perception that you are the sexual prize she is trying to win over. This is the dynamic you need to turn a woman on and keep control in your relationship.

Here’s a list of great questions to spice up your conversations and get women talking.


What would you do if?

   * What if you were on a desert island and could only have one book?
   * One movie?
   * One friend?
  * What would you do to occupy your mind until the day you died?

What’s your favorite?

   * What’s your favorite character trait?
   * What’s your favorite food to eat?
   * To eat?
   * What’s your favorite part of a man’s body?
   * What’s your favorite part of your body to be kissed and sucked?

What do you NOT want?

   * What turns you off when you meet a guy?
   * What makes you distrust people?
   * What do you dislike about yourself?
   * What would disappoint you most

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if you had a child?

What makes you smile and laugh?

   * What do you want to do for income, eventually?
   * What is your favorite funny TV show/movie?
   * What’s your favorite joke?
   * How do you remember to not take life too seriously?
Which friend makes you laugh the most? Why?

What makes you angry and motivated?

   * What’s your biggest pet peeve?
   * What’s the angriest you’ve ever been?
   * Who do you hate the most?
   * Have you ever felt so angry that you had to prove yourself?
   * What drives you?
   * What’s your passion?
   * What world-crisis pisses you off enough to make you act?

Think about the common theme underlying all these questions. They are all designed to get someone thinking. The good news is that women love to talk about themselves, and explore how their minds work. When you can get a woman to look inside her mind and explore her own personality, she’ll love you. The reason for this? Women are culturally conditioned to think about everyone else more than themselves. So when you open her up to herself, she feels like she’s exploring a new universe. It’s because of you – your own curiosity.

The very act of exploring a woman mentally is just as erotic to her as exploring her body. The nature of a woman is to want to be wanted. Here’s some killer tips on how to do this. So when you show your interests in her personality, her very nature as a woman gets “lit up.” If you’re a man, and she’s a woman, this “light up” in terms of her being attended to and explored, turns her on. In other words, she gets wet when you are curious about her. This is why your attention/curiosity is your strongest tool when it comes to meeting and attracting women.

Now, to get REALLY sexual, you have to have the right balance of playfulness, and a sincere interest to learn about her. Here are some examples of sexual questions I’ve asked women:

Feel free to copy, but I urge you to think of your own.

Testing the waters:

  • I impulsively got a book on massage but I haven’t been able to practice on anyone. 
  • How are your massage skills? What’s your favorite body part to be massaged? 
  • So you know how guys are butt guy tits guy etc. Girls have the same thing…what kind of girl are you? Like what’s your favorite part of a man’s body?
  • I was watching that spike lee movie where he puts the icecubes on Rosie Perez’s nipples. I want to try it so bad. I love a woman’s nipples. Have you ever done that?
  • What do guys usually say when they want to hook up with you? Like if they want to go home with you? I’m just curious because I heard a good one. 
  • Is “watch a movie” code for come over and have sex? Have guys ever said that to you and that’s what they wanted?
  • You know what’s weird – I never get nervous about approaching girls or calling or meeting up for a date. But it’s that first kiss. It’s because I want it to be good. I’ve had some really clumsy ones. 
  • Are you the type to hold a guys hand during sex, or scratch his back?
  • I like your nails. How are your back scratching skills?
  • What’s your opinion on a guy getting hard while dancing with you?
  • The following are more risque. You really need to have attitude I spoke about earlier DOWN, and have a very commanding presence, zero approval seeking. Also be ready for some women to be offended. Usually if you are in a conversation and they think it’s too risque to talk about that early, just say “Sorry I just speak my mind too much sometimes. I mean hey we’re all adults.”



  • My roommate told me he was turned on when he heard me having sex the other day. It kinda weirded me out. Have you ever heard your roommate having sex? How did you feel? Has she heard you? Who has better sex?
  • I’m sorry but you have the most beautiful DSL’s I’ve ever seen. Does that offend you?
  • So since you’re a woman, I want your advice. I’ve been thinking about something. The other day:
  • I was getting head from a woman I had been seeing. I pulled it out of her mouth and slapped her a couple times on her cheek. She seemed to take it like a was being mean – she laughed and kept going but she didn’t seem to realize that I did it because I was turned on and it felt good. Am I totally weird for that?
  • I was having sex with this girl, and she told me to slap her. And I did and it turned me on and her too, but I sensed she wanted me to really nail her and I think she maybe didn’t realize how strong a guy is if he really hits. But then again I have no problem being rough. Have you ever gotten that rough?
  • This girl I used to date – she lives in another state now – asked me to send her a dick pic. I was always under the impression that wasn’t the kind of thing a girl likes. Is this more common than I thought?


You can see my theme here. I’m basically trying to see how open she is to talking about kinky stuff. You can come up with all kinds of questions, and as you have more sexual partners you’ll have plenty of fun questions to ask.


One important element here is that you are conveying that you are sleeping with other women. This is a GOOD thing as long as you don’t come off sleazy. Also, women may try to test – BAIT you really – by saying you’re a player, or acting like you shouldn’t be talking to her if you are sleeping with other women. Neither of these make any sense and you can simply respond by telling her that you are a sexual person, just like she is.


Should you be celibate while you are single? The only real risk here is intimidating a girl who is not very sexually experienced or confident. If you sense this, just drop it.


  • OK the best question ever – your favorite sexual position? Hey I may need to know this (she’ll likely say hmm “we’ll see about that” or “that’s what you think.” Again, she has to say that to maintain her social reputation, and your perception of her value.
  • So i just discovered something about myself. Me and my boys were talking about women’s bodies and what shapes we liked, and it dawned on me. I’ve always been preferential to ass. But as I’ve gotten older, I realize I’m a details guy. Like where a woman’s earlobes meet her jaw, behind her knees, her ankles…all the hidden spots. I notice all that stuff. I’m totally looking at you now picking out all your spots. Where do you like to be kissed besides your lips?
  • Have you ever had angry sex? I don’t get it. 
  • I was reading this book called my secret garden – it’s all about women’s fantasies. They are really creative I thought it was so cool. I had no idea women were so wild. I think my fantasies are kinda timid. I have this thing where my woman is cooking my breakfast and I just bend her over and pound her, and then when I’m done she goes back to making me breakfast. Is that weird? What’s yours?
  • If a guy you were dating asked you to, would you cook for him naked, wearing only heels? Only I think we need to see each other again.

Basically I’m just asking fun, interesting, slightly kinky questions about sex, but making sure I go first so she feels safe. Again I have a playful relaxed, sex-is-healthy-and-fun, vibe

Explore and ENJOY women! It starts with asking good personal and sexual questions.

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